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Think Progress: ‘I Unequivocally Believe In Equal Pay,’ Says Congressman Who Consistently Votes Against Equal Pay

By Mike Rivera Reposted from ThinkProgress. April 8, 2014 Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM) released a press release Tuesday in recognition of Equal Pay Day asserting that he “unequivocally believe[s] in equal pay for equal work.” The statement continued: The United States is the land of opportunity—opportunity for ALL. Race, gender, age, or religious beliefs should never impact

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FACT SHEET: Affordable Care Act by the Numbers

The Affordable Care Act is working.  It is giving millions of middle class Americans the health care security they deserve, it is slowing the growth of health care costs and it has brought transparency and competition to the Health Insurance Marketplace. HEALTH CARE BY THE NUMBERS 8 million people signed up for private insurance in the

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Governor Martinez: Petty, Mean and Ready to Do Anything to Win

Yesterday, Mother Jones released an in depth, behind-the-scenes article on Governor Martinez. Click here to read the Mother Jones article. “Governor Martinez is mean, nasty and vindictive—not at all like the grandmotherly persona she has made up and tried to con New Mexicans to believe in. This Governor, Jay McCleskey and her staff have created

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