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Augustine Montoya

Augustine Montoya

As your candidate for Congressional District One Vice Chair, I have a wealth of community organizing, lived and academic experience. As a twenty-one year old candidate, I additionally know the importance of bringing fellow young people into our party, and the importance of expansion of our reach into rural New Mexico. We have good Democrats who yearn for the opportunity to express their voice. As a rural New Mexico, first-generation college student, member of the LGBTQIA+ community and overall New Mexican I know what it takes to elevate the voices of our most disenfranchised communities and that is a new approach to organizing. What it takes to be a quality Congressional District One Vice Chair is Charisma, Uniqueness and Talent.

Let’s get the job done for our fellow New Mexicans!

Since the inception of our campaign for Congressional District One Vice Chair my top priority for the party, overall, is to build trust and reliability in our Democratic Party within Rural New Mexico. According to “56%” of rural Americans do not believe that Democrats are fighting for them (, 2018). What this means is we have work to do here in New Mexico and CD-1. I plan on building trust by strategizing with county level leadership in utilizing precinct and ward level leaders to build relationships in the community and show that we as Democrats will show up and represent our communities, no matter who you are.

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