Candidates for DPNM State Officer & Standing Committee Member

Cheryl Harris

Cheryl Harris

What makes you an ideal candidate for this position?

I believe I am a good fit for this position, as I have worked in the NM Democratic Party for about 20 years, in a variety of positions. I am knowledgeable of the rules, the structure, the funding sources and the needs of the party. I have worked with budgets, fundraising, and financial reporting in private business, several Democratic Party assignments, and in other volunteer groups, such as Girl Scouts, youth athletics, etc. I was born and raised in New Mexico and understand the history and culture of our rich and diverse people in the state. I have served for the last two years on the Budget and Finance Committee, elected from CD3.

What is the number one goal you would like to achieve for the Democratic Party of New Mexico in this position? And how do you envision yourself working to achieve this goal?

I see the party budget being one of the main tools to help us grow and unify. Small donors are the lifeblood of the party in NM.   I began in this last cycle on a plan of grassroots fundraising, involving all thirty-three counties. I would create a revenue sharing program, where the funds raised are split between the county and the state party. This gives the county leaders a strong incentive to work with the state. I would provide more financial and field support to county leaders. I also see the proposed budget  as a road map for the party activities during the year, and would use it to integrate field, training, staffing and other resource decisions in a practical way, with goals and feedback integrated with county needs. I also am concerned that all financial information should be shared with party members in an honest, transparent way at all times, and that we should have rules to guide our acceptance of donations from various sources.
Thank you very much. I would appreciate your vote for me for CD3 Female member, DPNM Budget and Finance Committee.
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