Candidates for DPNM State Officer & Standing Committee Member

Cristy Holden

Cristy Holden

What makes you an ideal candidate for this position?

Political organizing is the majority of my work for the past 40 years. I educate, persuade, and activate citizens into voters on issues affecting their lives. At 32 I served as Chair of the Minnesota Women’s Political Caucus and organized more than 10,000 women statewide to meet with their elected officials and respond to critical calls for passage of bills — Before computers and cell phones. I have worked with rural and city voters, refugees and Indigenous Women at Wounded Knee and Rosebud Reservations to understand their needs and how to make these changes happen for them. I have been a lobbyist for Pro-choice, the ERA, Wildlife, Forest and Water Protection and Progressive ideas. As executive director for nonprofits serving environment, education, childrens and human rights, and hunger issues I have raised more than $27 million dollars to serve these missions. Last, I have run political campaigns for city council, legislative, Governor and U.S. Senate races. I know politics and political process; I mentor new leaders to carry the work forward.

In fall of 2015, we moved to Taos. My partner Dan Pritchard and I established Taos United, a political education and citizen action organization that grew to 500 members in the first 3 months of 2017. I volunteer for our party and became an SCC member. Now I serve on the board of Retake Our Democracy, and am a member of Adelante Progressive Caucus. I have an MBA, am a retired successful business owner, and am great at messaging and marketing. I am a leader who makes things happen by listening, working hard and putting successful systems and people in place.


What is the number one goal you would like to achieve for the Democratic Party of New Mexico in this position? And how do you envision yourself working to achieve this goal?

Pin-point messaging. Rather than an Albuquerque only approach, we need to go to the citizens, explain our priorities and deliver our message with an invitation to join us to solve the multiple challenges ahead. We need to bring the experts to the people, and show voters why the Democratic Party is the only means for solving problems now, before it is too late: Climate Change, Racism, Health Care, and Community Safety- especially around military-grade Gun Violence, Water, Air and Land Protection, Renewable Energy Systems, Jobs to retro-fit our homes and businesses, Sustainable Agriculture and Localized Food Centers, Strengthen Education for all New Mexico students, and Disengage from the dangerous Colonial Mindset that keeps our state poor and captive to extractive industries. We can do this. I trust New Mexicans to lead their own state.

I will travel CD3 County to County, Town to Town, and meet the people where they are, listen deeply, and activate the citizens into strong democratic party voices willing to lead our state for the next 30 years. We will strengthen our county party offices, just as Taos County has done, and deliver victories for democratic
candidates while holding them accountable.

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