Candidates for DPNM State Officer & Standing Committee Member

Dick Wilkinson

Dick Wilkinson

What makes you an ideal candidate for this position?

 I understand the importance of our published platform. When I retired from the Army here in New Mexico, I had spent 20 years with very limited political rights and had lost touch with the Democratic party over time. I researched the DPNM  platform to ensure my desires and values as a voter were represented by the local Democratic party. I was encouraged to read so much of my own personal interest within our platform. I knew I was in the right place with the right people to work on our shared political goals.

I see this role as a liaison between voters, the party leadership and the platform committee. I have served as a highly successful liaison between government agencies throughout my career. I understand how to take the ideas of all members of the DPNM and ensure those are reflected in writing when we publish our platform.

What is the number one goal you would like to achieve for the Democratic Party of New Mexico in this position? And how do you envision yourself working to achieve this goal?

My number one goal is to ensure the published platform is a balanced representation of the Democrats of New Mexico. Our state is large, our political districts cover hundreds of miles and our people are diverse. The needs, desires and even values of democrat voters can vary from place to place. We have millions of registered democrats but only a small handful of us serve in these roles. I want to seek out the voice of all different kinds of voters and build those into our platform. The needs of all Democratic voters; rural, urban, progressive or moderate, deserve to be reflected in our platform and I know I can help that happen. The platform committee can ensure that every Democratic voter feels in touch with and represented by the leadership of the DPNM.

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