Candidates for DPNM State Officer & Standing Committee Member

Torres G. Leyba

Torres G. Leyba

What makes you an ideal candidate for this position?

Over a public career spanning nearly three decades, I have been honored and humbled to serve in many different capacities; Community Organizer, elected official, public advocate and election facilitator to name a few. In every way, I have tried to be a force for positive change in whatever community I have been a part of. At every stage, I have also done my best to return the gifts that I have been given to those same communities – to give back to those who have supported me and given me the opportunity to learn and thrive over the years.

Today our very definition of what it is to be a member of our Democracy is under sustained attack. As a member of your state Party, I will dedicate my every moment to defending the bedrock values that make our Party the greatest force for positive change in our state. Thank you. 


What is the number one goal you would like to achieve for the Democratic Party of New Mexico in this position? And how do you envision yourself working to achieve this goal?

In the coming cycle, our democratic state leadership will be tested in ways we cannot now predict or fathom. As in the past three cycles, those who willfully oppose our vision for the future will likely resort to the same baseless, wrongheaded and unconscionable methods to attain power that have been their hallmark for a generation. Our state Party will need experienced, professional and steadfast leadership at its helm to not only meet the demands of the years ahead, but to lift the tone and tenor of the partisan exchange to a level worthy of the people we seek to serve. In office, I commit to being an architect of that very ideal – to create an environment where truth, fact and accountability are constant weapons in the political arsenal our party uses to protect and advance the hopes, ambitions and dreams of our greatest treasure – the people of New Mexico. 

I am proud to serve as a precinct Chair for the Democratic Party of Valencia County; as such, I have administered a Facebook page that promotes the policies, candidates and agenda of the Party, as well as highlighting local community events and promoting civic engagement. If interested, this page can be found at:

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