CD-1 SCC Members

SCC Members in CD-1 2021

Bernalillo Sisto Abeyta
Bernalillo Molly Adler
Bernalillo Vanessa Alarid
Bernalillo Christina Allday-Bondy
Bernalillo Roxanne Allen
Bernalillo Jonathan Alonzo
Bernalillo Jared Ames
Bernalillo Charles Anthony
Bernalillo Janelle Anyanonu
Bernalillo Clara Apodaca
Bernalillo Samia Assed
Bernalillo Sara Attleson
Bernalillo Barbara Baca
Bernalillo Joaquin Baca
Bernalillo Hector Balderas
Bernalillo Nancy Bearce
Bernalillo Chris Berkheimer
Bernalillo Robert Berlin
Bernalillo Eric Biedermann
Bernalillo Jason Bobroff-Clay
Bernalillo Jerilyn Bowen
Bernalillo Julie Brenning
Bernalillo Lara Bryson
Bernalillo Sherri Burr
Bernalillo Graeme Byous
Bernalillo Muriel Carpenter
Bernalillo Amber Carrillo
Bernalillo Gail Chasey
Bernalillo Marty Chavez
Bernalillo Athena Christodoulou
Bernalillo Mary Clark
Bernalillo Sarah Cobb
Bernalillo Gary Coffin
Bernalillo James Collie
Bernalillo Brian Colon
Bernalillo Rafael Colon
Bernalillo John Comstock
Bernalillo Richard Cooley
Bernalillo Ellen Coplen
Bernalillo Rocky Cordova
Bernalillo Zoey Craft
Bernalillo Manuel Crespin
Bernalillo Bunnie Cruse
Bernalillo Brandon Cummings
Bernalillo Craig Davidson
Bernalillo Erica Davis Crump
Bernalillo Colton Dean
Bernalillo Diane Denish
Bernalillo Michael Di Biase
Bernalillo Marianne Dickinson
Bernalillo Marsella Duarte
Bernalillo Kathy Duffy
Bernalillo Katy Duhigg
Bernalillo Theresa Dunn
Bernalillo Elizabeth Dyer
Bernalillo John Dyrcz
Bernalillo Tim Eichenberg
Bernalillo Kyra Ellis-Moore
Bernalillo Rylee Escalada
Bernalillo Renato Estacio
Bernalillo Vicky Estrada-Bustillo
Bernalillo Daniel Fay
Bernalillo Corrina Feldman
Bernalillo Scott Forrester
Bernalillo Ken Fraser
Bernalillo Joseph Freedman
Bernalillo Patricia French
Bernalillo Charles Galbraith
Bernalillo Brianna Gallegos
Bernalillo Pia Gallegos
Bernalillo Lee Gamelsky
Bernalillo Cynthia Gefvert
Bernalillo Marjorie Germain
Bernalillo Michelle Giger
Bernalillo Matthew Gonzales
Bernalillo Eric Griego
Bernalillo Selinda Guerrero
Bernalillo Diego Guerrerortiz
Bernalillo Ricardo Guillermo
Bernalillo Martin Gutierrez
Bernalillo Diane Gutterud
Bernalillo Cheryl Haase
Bernalillo Victor Hall
Bernalillo Robert Harris
Bernalillo Wendell Harrison
Bernalillo Martin Heinrich
Bernalillo Amanda Hernandez
Bernalillo Danny Hernandez
Bernalillo Pamelya Herndon
Bernalillo Megan Hounshell
Bernalillo Graham Hudson
Bernalillo Tova Indritz
Bernalillo Mary Ivy
Bernalillo Lauraine Jameson
Bernalillo Eric Jeffries
Bernalillo Emma Jones
Bernalillo Angelique Karnes
Bernalillo Susan Kelly
Bernalillo Karl Kiser
Bernalillo Claudia Klesert
Bernalillo Robert Kmak
Bernalillo Philip Morgan Krehbiel
Bernalillo Robert Kuning
Bernalillo Soumyo Lahiri-Gupta
Bernalillo Louise Lamphere
Bernalillo Cornelia Lange
Bernalillo Damian Lara
Bernalillo Chris Larranaga
Bernalillo Gary Lasky
Bernalillo Dominika Laster
Bernalillo Gilber Leiva
Bernalillo Victor Lopez
Bernalillo Georgene Louis
Bernalillo Margaret Lovell
Bernalillo Flora Lucero
Bernalillo Carolyn Mack
Bernalillo Susan Margison
Bernalillo Toni Martorelli
Bernalillo James (JD) Mathews
Bernalillo Ragan Matteson
Bernalillo Dylan Mcarthur
Bernalillo Christopher Mcdaniel
Bernalillo Barbara Medina
Bernalillo Carly Miller
Bernalillo Andrew Moffett-Zacarias
Bernalillo David Montoya
Bernalillo Juan Montoya
Bernalillo Ana Moran
Bernalillo Harold “Spike” Murphree
Bernalillo Carol Murphy
Bernalillo Samuel Nevarez
Bernalillo Manny Ohiri
Bernalillo Daniel Ohiri
Bernalillo Christopher Papaleo
Bernalillo Wendy Parker-Wood
Bernalillo William Paul
Bernalillo Millie Peifer
Bernalillo Bill Peifer
Bernalillo Carl Peterson
Bernalillo Ivan Pfeifer
Bernalillo Marcus Porter
Bernalillo Deborah Potter
Bernalillo Charles Powell
Bernalillo Ray Powell
Bernalillo Elizabeth Radosevich
Bernalillo Victor Raigoza
Bernalillo “Andy” James Ray
Bernalillo Claudia Risner
Bernalillo Jena Ritchey
Bernalillo Andres Rivera
Bernalillo Reina Rodriguez
Bernalillo Steven Rogers
Bernalillo E. Scotti Romberg
Bernalillo G Andres Romero
Bernalillo Dawn Schary
Bernalillo Raymond Scheffler
Bernalillo Peter Schoenburg
Bernalillo Kenneth Scott
Bernalillo Wayne Sears
Bernalillo Christopher Sedillo
Bernalillo Mario Semiglia
Bernalillo Jamison Shekter
Bernalillo Eric Shimamoto
Bernalillo Michael Sievers
Bernalillo S. Maurreen Skowran
Bernalillo Jeremy Sment
Bernalillo Clarence Smith
Bernalillo Rayellen Smith
Bernalillo Thomas Solomon
Bernalillo Alexis Stern
Bernalillo Jake Stern Powell
Bernalillo Moneka Stevens
Bernalillo Tiffany Stevens
Bernalillo Mimi Stewart
Bernalillo Andrew Stone
Bernalillo Sandra Stulberg
Bernalillo Barbara Sundberg
Bernalillo Betsey Swan
Bernalillo Anjali Taneja
Bernalillo Joseph Tapia
Bernalillo E. Diane
Bernalillo Julian Trujillo
Bernalillo Christopher Aaron Velasquez
Bernalillo Jacob Vigil
Bernalillo Rebecca Vigil
Bernalillo Richard Weiner
Bernalillo Dorothy Wilkinson
Bernalillo Sheryl
Bernalillo Christina Wright
Bernalillo Ralph Wrons
Sandoval Genowafa Chavez
Sandoval Isaac Chavez
Sandoval Chris Daul
Sandoval George Franzen
Sandoval Mary Lisa Franzen
Sandoval Frances Garcia
Sandoval Pamela Neas
Sandoval Aleta Paisano-Suazo
Santa Fe Evelyn Vinogradov
Torrance Margarita Hibbs
Torrance Peter Nieto
Torrance Thomas Oler
Valencia Joan Baker
Valencia Torres Leyba

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