DPNM, Deb for Congress Announce $40,000 Digital Ad Buy to Promote Absentee Voting

DPNM, Deb for Congress Announce $40,000 Digital Ad Buy to Promote Absentee Voting

The Democratic Party of New Mexico and Deb for Congress today announced a $40,000 digital advertising buy in order to raise awareness about the importance of absentee voting during New Mexico’s June 2 primary election. 

After the Republican Party of New Mexico chose to interfere in a bipartisan lawsuit this month, the Supreme Court of New Mexico ruled that New Mexico could not hold our June 2 elections entirely by mail, but required that an absentee ballot application be sent to every registered voter. 

In states that have already conducted their primaries in-person, voters and poll workers have suffered from increased health risks and a decrease in political participation. In order to avoid that outcome in New Mexico, it’s critical that as many people as possible vote absentee. 

The advertising campaign highlights how absentee voting is the safest, easiest and most convenient way to reduce the spread of COVID-19, while continuing to encourage increased voter participation. Various Facebook ads encouraging voters to update their voter registration, request an absentee ballot online, fill out an absentee ballot application that was mailed to them, and submit their ballot will run in phases from April 27 until June 2.

This advertising campaign will function in tandem with the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s phone banking and relational organizing efforts to encourage Democrats to vote from home in June. 

“Now more than ever, absentee voting is critical to ensuring that every New Mexican can safely exercise their right to vote,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “The Democratic Party of New Mexico is proud to be part of the effort to increase voter participation even as we continue to combat the unprecedented threat of COVID-19. We’re thrilled to be working with talented and dedicated partners like Congresswoman Deb Haaland, and we see this effort to turn out Democrats as one of many ways that we’re building a Democratic organizing machine that will keep New Mexico blue in 2020.” 

“As Democrats we’re committed to expanding access to the ballot, even in uncertain times such as these,” said Deb for Congress Digital Director Brandon Padilla. “Absentee voting is the safest way for New Mexicans to make our voices heard during a global pandemic, and our campaign is dedicated to helping as many voters as possible take the opportunity to vote from home in June. We’re excited to be launching these digital ads with the Democratic Party of New Mexico as a first step toward making sure voting is safe and accessible for all New Mexicans.”