Embarrassingly Low Numbers: GOP Fundraising Fails Prove Race to the Bottom in NM Gov Primary

Embarrassingly Low Numbers: GOP Fundraising Fails Prove Race to the Bottom in NM Gov Primary

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham Raises More Than Double All 7 GOP Candidates Combined

Yesterday, the GOP candidates for governor filed their bi-annual fundraising reports leaving us with one question: Is that it? All seven of the virtually unknown GOP candidates for governor reported lackluster fundraising hauls. Their fundraising amounts were so low that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham raised more than all of the GOP candidates combined for her reelection campaign—in fact, the GOP combined haul didn’t even make up 50% of the Governor’s $2.5 million.

Across the board, GOP candidates underperformed. Rebecca Dow posted the highest fundraising numbers but her $450,000 amount was helped by a $100,000 transfer from her New Mexico House of Representatives account. Excluding personal loans, Greg Zanetti raised about $154,000. And although they haven’t filed yet, Jay Block and Louie Sanchez told The Albuquerque Journal that they raised $86,000 and $50,000 respectively. Rounding out the balance sheet, Ethel Maharg reported raising a grand total of $8,700, Tim Walsh told The Santa Fe New Mexican that he’s “not yet actively fundraising,” and Karen Bedonie has yet to report any numbers. What an underwhelming fundraising round up. 

This embarrassing showing from the GOP field undercuts any of the “front-runner” claims that candidates like Rebecca Dow and Jay Block were making earlier this month. These low fundraising numbers, combined with campaign finance tricks like transfers and self loans, reinforce that the GOP field is disorganized and in disarray. Any chance of a formidable gubernatorial candidate is slipping right through GOP Chairman ‘Amarillo’ Steve Pearce’s fingers. Better luck next time! Or not. 

“The GOP candidates have been talking quite a big game, but their fundraising numbers show that that’s all it is—talk. At the end of the day, these seven GOP candidates are still unknown, underfunded, and facing a long uphill battle,” said DPNM spokesperson Delaney Corcoran. “It’s painfully clear that New Mexicans aren’t backing the GOP and their extremist policies. If you’re looking at the numbers, the only candidate poised for success in 2022 is Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.” 


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