Flailing Mark Ronchetti Comes Up With Yet Another Plan to Ban Abortion in New Mexico

Flailing Mark Ronchetti Comes Up With Yet Another Plan to Ban Abortion in New Mexico

Ronchetti’s Latest Anti-Abortion Scheme:
Putting An Abortion Ban On the Ballot


This morning, Mark Ronchetti dropped a new ad that calls for putting an abortion ban on the ballot, his latest flailing attempt to redefine how he’s going to try to ban abortion in New Mexico. 


In the ad, Ronchetti explains that his newest plan would be to hold a special statewide election on an abortion ban as yet another avenue through which he will try to restrict abortion rights. But New Mexicans will see right through yet another Ronchetti plan that would restrict abortion access in New Mexico, punishing women and criminalizing doctors. 


Ronchetti, who has described himself as “strongly pro-life” for years, opposes a woman’s right to choose “at all stages,” and has made it clear that he will restrict abortion if elected in New Mexico. He’s explained multiple plans to try to do this—ranging from a ban that’s identical to the “unbelievably cruel” nationwide ban pushed by Senate Republicans to a plan to “end abortion in New Mexico,” according to Pastor Steve Smothermon, who spoke to the candidate “for hours.” 


Ronchetti was even caught deleting extremist anti-abortion language from his campaign website, even though there’s no indication he’s changed his extremist views.  Earlier this spring, Ronchetti praised the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. He also previously earned an endorsement from the National Right to Life committee, whose general counsel said that a 10-year-old victim of rape should not have access to an abortion.


“Mark Ronchetti is flailing again as he tries to repackage his plans to ban abortion for New Mexicans. But New Mexicans know his record: Mark Ronchetti would oppose abortion ‘at all stages’ and would follow national Republicans in pushing an abortion ban in New Mexico,” said Daniel Garcia, Communications Director at the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “No matter how many times he rewrites his website, Mark Ronchetti’s plan to ban abortion is clear.” 



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