Business, Economy, and Revenue Sources

Business, Economy, and Revenue Sources

“Every American, including women, people of color, and other marginalized communities, has the right to a job that earns enough to provide adequate food, housing, clothing, healthcare, recreation, and protection from the economic fears of old age, illness, or accidents, while ensuring adequate resources for future generations to provide equally for themselves. And businesses have the right to operate free from unfair competition at home and abroad. We support a progressive tax system where all businesses and individuals pay their fair share.”

We Affirm

1. All New Mexicans have the right to a job that provides them with a living wage;

2. The Healthcare sector is a vital element of New Mexico’s economy and recognize that when Medicaid is protected and expanded, all healthcare jobs are protected and expanded;

3. The opportunity to be a world leader in the renewable energy revolution and the substantial growth potential by requiring that all new generating facilities be renewable, aggressively advancing the date for implementation of the Renewable Portfolio Standards, and reinstating the New Mexico solar energy tax credit;

4. That government, healthcare, retail, and food service sectors are vital components of the New Mexico economy and should be supported and encouraged to hire locally;

5. We support direct job creation through investments in infrastructure and transportation projects and renewable energy projects;

6. That strong economic growth that provides equal opportunity to all results in reduced crime, domestic violence, and substance abuse rates;

7. It is a right of all New Mexicans to have available a strong safety net of services including child care, food and nutrition support, affordable housing, free school breakfasts and lunches, job training and retraining, and comprehensive and accessible high-quality health services;

8. Small businesses should be supported with policies that: promote and guarantee low-interest small business loans and start-up grants to provide the seed capital to launch and expand jobcreating businesses; offer incentives for investing in technologies developed by New Mexicans; implement tax policies that provide a higher degree of equity including a fair selfemployment tax rate and the elimination of tax loopholes that allow out-of-state corporations to benefit from preferences intended for small, local businesses;

9. The value of workforce education programs in all regions of the state including investments in vocational education and training programs for all individuals interested in entering skilled trades and technical careers;

10. New Mexicans deserve a stable state budget supported through diversified revenue streams that hedge against market volatility;

11. The necessity for strong oversight and regulation of banks and other financial institutions;

12. That government, microloan, and assistance programs should be supported to meet the needs of high risk borrowers fairly and transparently and oppose predatory interest rates;

13. Our strong opposition of privatization of essential government functions and outsourcing of public sector jobs; and

14. The role of state and federal government to regulate monopolies in the public interest.

We Will

1. Support businesses owned by women, people of color, and millennials and value hiring locally;

2. Foster programs that remove barriers and create a path to employment for the chronically unemployed including veterans, technologically displaced, people with housing insecurity, people with disabilities, people with limited transportation options, and youth;

3. Attract tourists from around the world by building New Mexico’s brand as the best place to go for enchantment, adventure, arts, open spaces, red & green chile, and legal cannabis products;

4. Celebrate and support our State’s multi-cultural identity, beautiful terrain and wildlife, public lands and monuments, and opportunities for adventure;

5. Support the legalization of cannabis for adult recreational use;

6. Keep our dollars at home with buy-local initiatives;

7. Support developing the market for authentic New Mexico branded products;

8. Encourage the formation of a State Bank to increase state revenues without increasing taxes;

9. Support giving the Taxation and Revenue Department the staffing and funding necessary to ensure that the severance tax and royalties due from oil and natural gas extraction are collected. This should include enacting penalties and interest on companies that have failed to report to the State whether due to negligence or disregard of rules and regulations;

10. Enhance New Mexico’s international economy by opening our markets with Mexico and other countries through direct flights, global promotion programs, and exports of energy technology services and aerospace; and

11. Invest in economic growth in the technology sector through STEAM education, the development and promotion of advanced tech applications, and generating innovators by teaching information technology and coding in every public school.

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