Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment

“Democrats support the use of clean energy and will train the workforce, create jobs, and support small businesses in a just transition to a renewable energy infrastructure. We will position New Mexico as a key global hub for technology, manufacturing, and construction to join and accelerate the clean energy transition as a means to protect air, land, and water, and avoid and mitigate the worst effects of climate change.”

We Affirm

1. The right to live in a healthy environment and we work for clean air, land, and water; and

2. Historically, people of color are disproportionately, and negatively impacted by climate disruption and/or pollution.

We Will

1. Develop a fully integrated renewable energy plan by 2020 that lays out mandatory benchmarks for production, storage, transmission, and consumption to accomplish the transition to 100% renewable energy;

2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions more than 80 percent below 2005 levels and have 80% renewable electricity generation by 2035;

3. Not support fracking and will support affected local communities and indigenous sovereign nations economically;

4. Cut energy waste in New Mexico homes, schools, hospitals, and offices through energy efficiency programs, modernizing our electric grid, and making New Mexico manufacturing clean and efficient;

5. Reinstate the New Mexico Renewable Energy Tax credit;

6. Transition tax breaks and subsidies from fossil fuel industries to renewable energy providers;

7. Preferentially incentivize wind, solar, and other renewable energy over the development of new natural gas power plants;

8. Support community solar programs to expand solar access to underserved groups;

9. Support adding a Green Amendment to the Bill of Rights section of our NM Constitution which mandates that our state government recognize and protect the inalienable rights of all people, including future generations, to pure water, clean air, and healthy environments.

10. Ensure and protect the right of New Mexicans to tie residential and commercial solar to the grid;

11. Invest in a statewide, renewable-energy-powered, and publicly-accessible electric vehicle charging network;

12. Construct new transmission lines to get low-cost renewable energy to market in a transparent and environmentally sound way;

13. Create an endowment fund where only the accrued interest will be used to conserve and enhance land, water and habitat across New Mexico;

14. Close the Halliburton loophole and require that all chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing must be disclosed to the appropriate government regulators as public information;

15. Ensure that all New Mexicans including landowners, communities of color, and affected tribal nations are honored and respected in the decision making and energy implementation process;

16. Require that the oil and gas industry must account for all water, from its origination source, the amount used and recovered, the toxicity of the fracking waste “produced water” that results, and where that waste ultimately ends up;

17. Oppose the use of fracking waste “produced water”;

18. Educate our population using independent, peer-reviewed literature from the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community to face the challenges of human-caused climate change including mitigation strategies;

19. Require that concrete well liners, wastewater ponds, and containment tanks that protect groundwater from pollution must be independently certified reliable for their lifetime;

20. Establish a independent and transparent baseline test for groundwater quality before new extraction permits are issued;

21. Increase funding of the state Oil Conservation Division to adequately staff all offices with qualified personnel at competitive salaries to oversee drilled wells, witness and verify the integrity of all well bores, and enforce state and EPA regulations. We urge civic and public involvement and oversight of this process;

22. Use every tool available to reduce emissions now;

23. Price carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases to offset their negative externalities, and to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy;

24. Promote climate leadership and partnership at all levels of government including city, state, and local;

25. Provide environmental education and access to the environmental legal protections directly within our disadvantaged communities;

26. Respect the cultural heritage and historical use of acequias and other traditional irrigation practices;

27. Create an economic model to demonstrate the revenue generating opportunities with an economy that transitions away from fracking and toward clean energy;

28. Increase the power of localities to oppose fracking and mining;

29. Support public lands remaining public for all time;

30. Support the protection and reclamation of New Mexico’s state land, public land, and natural resources from damage inflicted by extractive industries;

31. Support protecting the Gila, the last free flowing river in New Mexico, from diversion;

32. Support the protection and preservation of our National and State Parks, Forests, Monuments, World Heritage Sites, and Native American sacred sites;

33. Support the Endangered Species Act to protect threatened and endangered animals;

34. Support a state-level moratorium on the building, placement, or expansion of existing factory animal farms; and

35. Support enlisting farmers and ranchers as partners in promoting conservation and stewardship.

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