International Relations

International Relations

“Democrats call for the use of diplomacy, alliances, and peacebuilding interventions of governmental and non-governmental organizations that re-foster trust in America’s role in addressing international and civil conflicts. All actions of United States institutions and supporting organizations—including the military, intelligence agencies, State Department, and defense and military contractors, and any U.S. international business transactions—should reflect integrity, respect, and ethical behavior in accordance with human rights and international norms and laws. And we believe that our security, prosperity, and well-being are best served by friendly and cooperative relations with border countries.”

We Affirm:

1. The United States has a major role in promoting international peace and justice through diplomacy, actively combating poverty and suffering, and working diligently to secure and maintain a healthy environment for everyone living on this planet;
2. All acts of terrorism should be condemned and prosecuted in accordance with domestic and international law. Terrorism is not just a religion- or ideology-based issue and no exceptions or distinctions will be made for members of any race or religious group who commits an act of murder in order to express hate or political ideology;
3. Violent extremism has many root causes. U.S. policies to counter violent extremism should include diplomacy and military-operations-other-than-war to address the root causes of extremism, as well as conventional military operations to ensure our national security ;
4. Religious tolerance and respect for other cultures are cornerstones of American values and should be strongly reinforced and upheld in all foreign policy and international transactions;
5. US-sponsored programs to secure nuclear, biological, and chemical materials worldwide and eliminate illicit pathways for their acquisition and production are essential to the goal of reducing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and reliance on a nuclear deterrent for national security; and
6. Where U.S. troops are engaged abroad, they should prioritize protection of civilians and assurance of human security in accordance with human rights and international law, and provide for withdrawal plans that ensure the health and safety of the local populace.

We Will:

1. Support a strong US State Department to promote US interests abroad through diplomatic means;
2. Oppose any unilateral, unprovoked war against any nation;
3. Support open and transparent trade policy with input from labor, environmentalists, economists, and public opinion. Trade policy must be drafted in documents that are freely accessible to the public;
4. Oppose the use of fast track procedures that circumvent the democratic process to pass trade agreements;
5. Oppose investor-state dispute provisions that circumvent US sovereign law and undermine local power to adjudicate disputes with foreign corporations;
6. Oppose trade agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) because of provisions that go against our democratic values by offshoring U.S. jobs, incentivizing the use of noncompetitive wages abroad, exacerbating environmental concerns, and challenging the sovereignty of U.S. citizens to enact laws free from global corporate retaliation;
7. Provide safe haven and refuge to those fleeing the consequences of ongoing conflict;
8. Condemn the use of torture;
9. Urge our government officials to continue to reduce nuclear warheads and enhance the safety, security, and reliability of our nuclear weapons;
10. Support foreign aid models that ensure transparency and accountability; and maximize local participation in disaster relief and humanitarian assistance operations to build capacity and minimize dependence on external actors; and
11. We support foreign aid and economic development models that open market access and attract investment to local small businesses in the target area while providing training in entrepreneurial skills that facilitate sustainable economic development in target nations.

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