Science & Technology

Science & Technology

“Government has a role in supporting science and technology research to be used for public good. Technological growth and the supporting infrastructure should be equally accessible to all, provide equitable benefits, and ensure socially responsible development for public good. Policy makers should be informed by the best science available.”

We Affirm:

1. Unhindered high-speed internet is a necessity for 21st century success in all sectors of the economy, social mobility, education, health care, and public safety in urban, rural, and frontier areas;
2. Strong net neutrality rules are essential to permanently protect the rights of every person to equal, uninhibited access and distribution without a fee;
3. That ambitious public and private investments in local science, technology, and research is key to economic growth in New Mexico. Such publicly funded research and development should reflect our Democratic values;
4. Government should hire and keep qualified scientists and research staff in all regulatory and policy-making bodies that use or oversee science and technology. Decisions by these bodies on funding science and technology research and development should not be politicized or censored, and policy makers should be aware of any potential conflicts of interest in scientific results used as the basis of policy;
5. There should be transparency and accountability in autonomous technology developed by the private sector and its use in the public sector; and
6. As “disruptive technologies” — i.e., technologies that drastically change our economic and social landscape — emerge, we must create a just transition for local workers, local industries, and local entrepreneurs to participate and adapt.

We Will:

1. Secure financing and providers for affordable, high-speed, high-quality internet and cellular service in all areas of New Mexico, especially rural and where practical and feasible, support municipal and local management of these services;
2. Leverage the science and technology base of the universities and national labs in New Mexico to support technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and science and technology-based small business creation in New Mexico in all types of innovation sectors;
3. Recruit companies to put New Mexico at the forefront of deploying next generation science and technologies, supported by qualified, trained state workers to facilitate their growth;
4. Enact programs and policies that enable New Mexicans to benefit from transformative technologies and scientific advancements (such as Artificial Intelligence, autonomy in the transportation industry, and adaptive manufacturing) while preparing workers to adapt to the technological displacement from these advancements;
5. Support patent reform to protect innovations while allowing for the fair use of common science and technology;
6. Strengthen partnerships with space commerce companies to encourage economic growth in response to the growing demand for space technologies and launch capabilities;
7. Undo Republican roll backs of net neutrality rules by the Federal Communications Commission;
8. Attract and retain scientific and technologically trained people from all over the world; invest in research and development, innovation hubs, and getting ideas to market; and
9. Ensure that all students are offered STEAM courses throughout their K-12 education and learn information technology by the time they graduate high school.

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