Transportation & Infrastructure

Transportation & Infrastructure

“Democrats believe in state and federal investment in public infrastructure and transportation to improve our state’s economic competitiveness and create jobs. We also believe everyone should have clean water, electricity, heat, and high-speed internet.”

We Affirm:

1. Native and rural/frontier communities lack adequate infrastructure and government has a role in providing them with essential utilities, including electricity, clean water, sewage, heat, and highspeed internet;
2. We affirm that the practice of hydraulic fracturing uses a disproportionate amount of water relative to all other industry and domestic uses and prioritize water availability and infrastructure for human use over fracking use; and
3. To improve electronic broadband and infrastructure for rural/frontier and tribal communities, we must ensure parity and predictability in the distribution of funds so that telecommunications companies have the ability to serve those areas equitably.

We Will:

1. Give hiring preference and opportunity to New Mexicans and particularly to those from the most local communities to restore roads and bridges to address decades of neglect;
2. Build the infrastructure for affordable public transportation, electric vehicles, and bicycle routes;
3. Install local infrastructure so that high-speed broadband networks can be a reality for both urban and rural New Mexicans and schools;
4. Modernize all public buildings at all levels of government to be energy efficient and powered by renewable energy;
5. Develop and implement a statewide plan for land use and infrastructure growth;
6. Protect communities from the impact of climate change and help them to mitigate its effects by incentivizing renewable energy utilities;
7. Encourage the reduction of residential and industrial water usage by providing sustainable water policies including aquifer protection, water-supply planning, consumptive water-use permitting, and resource protection programs;
8. Protect our water supply by demanding the cleanup of toxic substances in aquifers around New Mexico by those who are responsible for the pollution;
9. Protect public health and safety by modernizing drinking and non-industrial wastewater systems including technology to recycle water;
10. Provide necessary infrastructure, roads and access to water to officially recognized colonias; and
11. Fully fund the NM Tribal Infrastructure Fund (TIF) to include water line projects, fire stations and other community development projects on Native lands, including funding for Enhanced 911 Service/Rural addressing and signage.

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