Free, fair, and balanced media is foundational to our democracy. Locally sourced news presented in diverse platforms with multiple opposing views from independent journalists and other members of the information landscape is essential to a functional democracy. People must be media literate to make sound voting decisions and to be rational participants in civic engagement.

We Affirm:

1. Journalism that is independent of government interference and corporate domination is core to the function of our
democracy; and
2. Freedom of the press requires that practitioners of journalism must be protected by society and its government
justice systems; and
3. Mergers of large media companies stifle information by limiting the number of voices, opinions, and facts that
inform our world view; and
4. Responsible public discourse requires that all people are accorded respect and dignity. Media should report news
and events objectively, accurately, and fairly to rebuild and maintain the public trust. The media must maintain
ethical, respectful standards for treatment of all people; and
5. Participants in all media have a social contract that must be fulfilled by delivering fair, balanced, accurate
reporting of factual information; and
6. The importance of media literacy, which is the ability to critically evaluate media messages and create media
thoughtfully and conscientiously.

We Will:

1. Fight for Net Neutrality so that all internet content is equally accessible without favoring or blocking particular content. The internet must remain open and uncensored;
2. Commit to giving candidates free and equal media time and coverage during elections;
3. Support a NM film industry that creates movies, TV shows, and commercials that have people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and gender identities, as reflected in the diverse demographics of our State;
4. Dismantle media companies that are monopolies in their geographic areas;
5. Guarantee continued support and funding for NPR, PBS and other public media;
6. Protect journalists and media organizations from intimidation and resist efforts to marginalize and undermine objective media sources; specifically, religious based organizations and companies
7. Encourage accurate portrayals and representation of people within the NM film industry, forgoing cultural, religious, racial, and sexual stereotypes;
8. Support systems for social media that distinguish hate posts and false reporting from factual, evidence-based reporting, which is appropriately protected as freedom of speech;
9. Protect New Mexicans and their private data from unauthorized and illegal access, analyses, sale, and use;
10. Support programs that educate people to interpret and critique the news they receive; and
11. Ensure that social media providers provide robust protection of private data.