Judicial Vacancy Meetings–Meeting Dates and Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting Dates and Times | Frequently Asked Questions

Federal, State, District, or Multi-County Judicial District Vacancies

Judicial District 13 (Cibola, Sandoval, and Valencia)
Meeting Date: 6:00pm on Thursday September 4, 2014, 6:00 pm. Registration begins at 5:30 pm.
Meeting Location: Cibola County Complex 515 W. High St., Grants NM 87020.

Voting Members. Click here for list

Past (Completed) Meetings

Judicial District 1 (Los Alamos, Santa Fe, and Rio Arriba)
Meeting Date: June 21, 2014
Meeting Location: Santa Fe Dem Party 1420 Cerrillos Rd
Nominee: Matthew Justin Wilson

Judicial District 2 (Bernalillo)
Meeting Date: August 16, 2014
Time: 10:00am or immediately following the Bernalillo County Metro Court election (registration starts at 8:00 am).
Meeting Location: United Brotherhood of Carpenters Training Center
3900 A Pan American Fwy NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107
Nominees:  Nancy Franchini (Div 5); Josh Boone (Div 8); Victor Lopez (Div 27)

Judicial District 5 (Chavez, Eddy, and Lea)
Meeting Date: August 23, 2014
Time: 11:00 am (registration begins at 10:00 am).
Meeting Location: NMSU Carlsbad Room 150, Carlsbad, NM
(NMSU is on the west side of 285)
Nominees: None

Judicial District 7 (Catron, Sierra, Soccorro, Torrance)
Meeting Date: August 26, 2014
Time: 5:30-6:30 (Meet & Greet w/ Candidates), 7:00-8:00 pm Meeting (Registration starts at 5:30pm)
Meeting Location: American Legion Hall, 712 HWY 85, Socorro, NM 87801
Nominee: Jerry Armijo (Div I)

Judicial District 13 (Cibola, Sandoval, and Valencia)
Meeting Date: July 12, 2014
Meeting Location: Bernalillo County RailRunner Station, 301 Rail Runner Ave
Nominees: Chris Perez & Cindy Mercer

Frequently asked questions:

Is the state party responsible for selecting the nominees for magistrate, county, or a legislative district whose boundaries are entirely within one county?
No. According to Election Code 1-8-8, this responsibility falls under the County Democratic Party.

Are proxies allowed?
No. According to DPNM Rule 19-2 Proxy Voting. Except as otherwise provided in these rules, voting by proxy is prohibited.

How many eligible voting members must be present in order for the vote to take place (i.e. what is quorum)?
According to DPNM Rule 20, quorum is 30% of the body’s membership (i.e. District 2: 30% of 141 = 43, District 5: 30% of 16 = 5, District 7: 30% of 10 = 3, etc).

What are the qualifications to run to be the Democratic District Judge Nominee?
The candidate must be 1) a registered Democrat and have resided in the district as of Jan. 27, 2014 (NM Election Code 1-8-12 the date of the governor’s primary election proclamation) and 2) according to Article VI, Section 14 of the NM State Constitution, the qualifications of the district judges shall be the same as those of justices of the supreme court (at least 35 years old and has resided in this state for at least three years immediately preceding assumption of office) except that district judges shall have been in the actual practice of law for at least six years preceding assumption of office.

If the candidate is an eligible voting member, can they vote for themselves?
There are no DPNM rules that prohibit a voting member from casting a ballot for themselves. However the NM Judicial Canon  Commentary [1] to Rule 21-401 states:

[1] Public confidence in the independence and impartiality of the judiciary is eroded if judges or judicial candidates are perceived to be subject to political influence. Although judges and judicial candidates may register to vote as members of a political party, they are prohibited by Paragraph (C)(1) from assuming leadership roles in political organizations, such as ward chair or delegate to a party convention. Non-candidates may attend political events, but must be conscious that a judge may abuse the prestige of judicial office by being present at the event and should consider whether the interests of the judiciary would best be served by not attending. A judge should not attend events organized for the sole purpose of raising money for a political campaign.

How does a candidate put his/her name up for consideration to become the nominee?
The candidate must receive a nomination from an eligible voting member of the DPNM State Central Committee that resides in the district and is present the day of the meeting.

Can in-district SCC members request a list of candidates for the open judicial seats?
Candidates will be nominated at the meeting. The Party will not be responsible for distributing information about candidates to SCC members.

Can a candidate request a list of eligible voting members?
Yes. The names and contact information of State Central Committee members that are eligible to vote in this election are available from the County Party/Parties.

How many votes are necessary to win the election?
That depends on the number of votes cast and the number of candidates running. A majority (more than 50%) of those SCC members that are present and voting are required to elect, and in the event no candidate receives a majority the votes cast, a runoff election will be conducted.

Are the ballots secret?
No. SCC members are the statutory representatives of the Democratic voters who elected them, and all votes cast are open to review by any registered Democratic voter. Each ballot will be pre-printed with the name of the eligible SCC member and the ballots will be made available at the DPNM office after the election for any registered Democrat to review and make copies of. However it is DPNM practice to discourage candidates and their supporters in making lists of people who did not vote in their favor therefore we do not create an electronic version of the votes, we do not post the results to the DPNM website and we do not email copies to those who request them.

For additional questions please contact Lissa Knudsen, DPNM Director of Outreach & Party Affairs, email: lissa.knudsen@nmdemocrats.org, cell: (505) 350-9730

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