After Pretending to Be Above Partisanship, Yvette Herrell Ad at RNC Shows Voters Who She Really Is

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After Pretending to Be Above Partisanship, Yvette Herrell Ad at RNC Shows Voters Who She Really Is

Yvette Herrell’s ad “Join Us!,” which she called her “campaign’s message,” will be shown tonight at the Republican National Convention giving voters a true sense of the type of legislator she’d be in Washington: one who puts party loyalty ahead of the needs of her constituents. Herrell’s ad — in which she twice proclaims “I am a … conservative,” and touts the endorsements of House Freedom Caucus Founders Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan as well as Gov. Mike Huckabee — marks a stark departure from the bipartisan image she is currently trying to sell to New Mexican voters.

“The Yvette Herrell being introduced to the country tonight is exactly the ideologically-driven extremist New Mexicans rejected in 2018,” said Marg Elliston. “Despite her misleading in-state ads, Herrell is clearly more committed than ever to partisan politics above all else, especially the interests and well-being of southern New Mexicans.”

Herrell, who was rated the most conservative member of the State House, has made clear that she has no interest in trying to work across the aisle to deliver for New Mexico families and communities. Herrell has also embraced the support of Cowboys for Trump, calling their endorsement “truly one of the endorsements I am most proud of,” and has refused to denounce founder Couy Griffin’s assertion that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”


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