Ahead of Trump Visit, DPNM Contrasts Trump’s Harmful Policies with Democrats’ Work to Benefit New Mexican Families

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Ahead of Trump Visit, DPNM Contrasts Trump’s Harmful Policies with Democrats’ Work to Benefit New Mexican Families

Ahead of President Trump’s visit to Rio Rancho, the Democratic Party of New Mexico is contrasting some of the Trump administration’s destructive policies with the advances that have been made by New Mexico’s elected Democrats. Since taking office in 2016, President Trump has repeatedly pursued policies that hurt hardworking New Mexican families and has directly attacked many of the diverse communities that make our state so strong. New Mexico Democrats, on the other hand, have been working hard to pursue policies that support New Mexican families. 


PRESIDENT TRUMP has pursued a reckless trade war that threatens 218,00 New Mexican jobs and harms New Mexico’s dairy farmers.  

GOVERNOR MICHELLE LUJAN GRISHAM has incentivized business in New Mexico by pursuing policies that will diversify our economy


PRESIDENT TRUMP signed a tax law that benefits the rich and powerful but will actually raise taxes on the poorest 20% of New Mexicans by 2027. 

GOVERNOR MICHELLE LUJAN GRISHAM and DEMOCRATS IN THE NEW MEXICO STATE LEGISLATURE reformed our tax code to expand the Working Families Tax Credit, allowing over 200,000 New Mexican families to keep more of their hard-earned money.


PRESIDENT TRUMP has repeatedly tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a move that could leave 266,000 New Mexicans without access to health care. 

DEMOCRATS IN THE NEW MEXICO STATE LEGISLATURE¬†passed a law that would maintain Affordable Care Act protections‚ÄĒincluding those for New Mexicans with pre-existing conditions‚ÄĒeven if President Trump succeeds in repealing the law.¬†


PRESIDENT TRUMP has attacked voting rights, and repeatedly downplayed the threat of foreign interference in our elections. 

NEW MEXICO SECRETARY OF STATE MAGGIE TOULOUSE OLIVER has fought for more accessible elections and protected voters’ personal data  


PRESIDENT TRUMP has flip-flopped on gun violence prevention and bowed to pressure from the NRA. 

GOVERNOR MICHELLE LUJAN GRISHAM, DEMOCRATS IN THE NEW MEXICO STATE LEGISLATURE and MAYOR TIM KELLER have worked to reduce gun violence by passing legislation and prohibiting guns in community centers


PRESIDENT TRUMP has repeatedly attacked public lands, attempting to privatize land and expand drilling opportunities instead of preserving our national heritage. 

SENATORS TOM UDALL and MARTIN HEINRICH along with REPRESENTATIVE BEN RAY LUJ√ĀN have¬†fought to preserve public lands through historic conservation legislation.¬†


PRESIDENT TRUMP has placed unnecessary and cruel restrictions on people who have immigrated to our country to build a better life for themselves and their families. 

GOVERNOR MICHELLE LUJAN GRISHAM and MAYOR TIM KELLER have opposed the President’s cruelty and emphasized their commitment to supporting those in need.


PRESIDENT TRUMP has allowed children to be torn from their families, kept in cages, and held indefinitely as part of a dangerous and inhumane immigration policy. 

SENATORS TOM UDALL and MARTIN HEINRICH have visited migrant shelters and looked for smart, compassionate solutions to the humanitarian crisis at our border. 


PRESIDENT TRUMP has increased ICE raids in New Mexico, forcing our friends and neighbors to live in fear of having their families torn apart. 

GOVERNOR MICHELLE LUJAN GRISHAM and MAYOR TIM KELLER have taken action to make immigrant communities feel safe in Albuquerque and New Mexico.  


PRESIDENT TRUMP has repealed DACA, leaving 7,000 New Mexicans who may have never known any other home in limbo.

REPRESENTATIVES BEN RAY LUJ√ĀN, DEB HAALAND, and XOCHITL TORRES SMALL have¬†voted for protections for New Mexico‚Äôs Dreamers¬†¬†


PRESIDENT TRUMP has denied the existence of climate change, pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, and rolled back critical environmental regulations. 

SENATORS TOM UDALL and MARTIN HEINRICH have urged Congress to take action to combat the global threat of man-made climate change. 


PRESIDENT TRUMP has prioritized building an ineffective border wall over projects that are designed to keep New Mexico service members safe and combat-ready. 

THE NEW MEXICO CONGRESSIONAL DELEGATION has fought for funding for projects that would improve training and readiness for New Mexican service members. 


PRESIDENT TRUMP has engaged in dangerous and hateful rhetoric that makes so many of New Mexicans feel unsafe. 

DEMOCRATS are pushing back against hate with a¬†‚ÄúNew Mexico For All‚ÄĚ Community Event on September 16 to celebrate New Mexico‚Äôs diversity.¬†


DPNM Chair Marg Elliston released the following statement regarding President Trump’s many failed policies and the work of New Mexico’s elected Democrats:

President Trump has promised to work for New Mexican families, but his policies have done nothing but burden working families and threaten diverse communities. Now he’s coming to New Mexico to continue to lie about his accomplishments. 

Since our historic victories in 2018, New Mexicans have seen the progress that occurs when Democrats are in office. We have incredible leaders fighting for us at every level of government, and we’re excited to expand that progress by electing a Democratic president in 2020. 


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