Amarillo Steve & Republicans Continue To Endanger The Lives And Livelihoods Of New Mexicans

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Amarillo Steve & Republicans Continue To Endanger The Lives And Livelihoods Of New Mexicans

GOP responses to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s mask mandate prove what we already suspected: Chairman ‘Amarillo’ Steve Pearce and the Republican party will risk the lives of New Mexicans to push dangerous extremist views. The New Mexico GOP’s anti-science rhetoric and conspiracy theories are endangering New Mexico’s children, educators, and health care workers.

Amarillo Steve and the NM GOP responded to the state’s new Public Health Order with fear mongering, going so far as to suggest that the CDC’s guidelines for wearing masks and getting vaccinated demonstrate a “lack of science.” State Representative and candidate for governor Rebecca Dow went even further, calling the mandate “stifling, and entirely unconstitutional.” Dow claimed it is her job to stop the mandate and “restore our freedoms and liberties,” language taken straight from the alt-right handbook. State Senator Gregg Schmedes also hopped on the conspiracy bandwagon, spreading lies about COVID transmission in schools and rambling about “women of childbearing age.” These Republican “leaders” are extremists, out of touch with constituents, and dangerous for New Mexicans. 

One thing is clear: New Mexicans have completely rejected Amarillo Steve and Republican leadership. Even some members of his own party are pointing out the extremism—earlier this month a swath of Republican county leaders resigned “in the wake of an intraparty insurgency,” with recently-departed Bernalillo county chairwoman Julie Wright noting in her resignation letter that there is “chaos within the party.” Two-time statewide  loser Chairman Pearce has no handle on his party and no credibility with New Mexicans. The future looks bleak for the GOP in New Mexico.

“Chairman Steve Pearce and his party are endangering our children, educators, and health care workers,” said DPNM Chair Jessica Velasquez. “The GOP is risking our lives and livelihoods by spreading dangerous misinformation that undermine science-based public health orders. Steve Pearce and his party of spineless ‘leaders’ would rather bow to extremists than stand up for New Mexicans. It would be embarrassing if it weren’t so dangerous.”  


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