As Scandals Mount and Republicans Flee, NM GOP Still Refuses to Call Out Trump Corruption

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As Scandals Mount and Republicans Flee, NM GOP Still Refuses to Call Out Trump Corruption

In the past week, President Trump has been plagued by scandals and failures. Yet the New Mexico GOP is still praising the President, parroting his talking points, and marching in lockstep with the party line. 

First, the president’s chaotic and reckless pull out from northern Syria left our Kurdish allies struggling for survival, while ISIS and Russia have begun to reap the rewards.

Then President Trump’s acting Chief of Staff admitted the existence of a quid pro quo with Ukraine, and just yesterday, the top U.S. Diplomat in Ukraine, William Taylor, gave a “damning” testimony to Congress. 

Finally, the president was forced to reverse course after trying to blatantly violate the Emoluments clause of the constitution by holding the annual G-7 summit at his own Doral Golf Resort

While the New Mexico GOP remains silent, people across the political spectrum are condemning this corruption:

Albuquerque Journal – Trump’s stunning betrayal of the Kurds in Syria is shameful and dangerous

Betrayal is a harsh word.

But there is nothing else that comes close to describing what President Donald Trump has done to our Kurdish allies in Syria – the people who actually did the heavy lifting to defeat ISIS there.


Trump has few supporters on this. Even some of his staunchest Senate Republican allies have been critical. As they should be. Our European allies are aghast, warning that the instability caused by the Turkish offensive could provide the Islamic State with a new toehold.


NBC News – House overwhelmingly votes bipartisan condemnation of Trump withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria

Among senators, Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s closest allies, said Trump’s decision will allow IS to reemerge and added that the president will “be held accountable.”

Graham said Trump’s decision “is against all sound military advice” and that he hopes Trump “will reconsider, stop the bloodshed and reset the table before it’s too late.”

Graham says that if Trump continues along those lines, “then our foreign policy is in a very bad spot in the Middle East and to those who think the Mideast doesn’t matter to America, remember 9/11 we had that same attitude on 9/10 2001.”


AP – Shifting explanations for withholding aid draw GOP alarm

In Congress, at least one Republican, Rep. Francis Rooney of Florida, spoke out publicly, telling reporters that he and others were concerned by Mulvaney’s remarks. Rooney said he’s open to considering all sides in the impeachment inquiry. He also said Mulvaney’s comments cannot simply undone by a follow-up statement.


Washington Post – Growing number of Republicans struggle to defend Trump on G-7 choice, Ukraine and Syria

In interviews with more than 20 GOP lawmakers and congressional aides in the past 48 hours, many said they were repulsed by Trump’s decision to host an international summit at his own resort and incensed by acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney’s admission — later withdrawn — that U.S. aid to Ukraine was withheld for political reasons. Others expressed anger over the president’s abandonment of Kurdish allies in Syria.



“And the descent from the American republican into banana republic territory with all of this stuff has just been so stunningly fast, and the lack of outrage by elected members of Congress properly exercising their constitutional oversight responsibilities is just alarming,” said Schmidt, who now identifies as an independent.

The former GOP adviser explained that Trump feels “empowered” to funnel money to his own businesses because few lawmakers in his party have been willing to push back against his actions. – NM GOP leaders don’t really care about corruption

With few exceptions, today’s GOP leaders are welcoming corruption into our government with open arms and displaying an impressively awful exercise in mental gymnastics to justify it. 


I won’t believe ever again that a Republican running for office in New Mexico gives a damn about corruption unless that person has a history of standing up to Trump’s misuse of the federal government.


As stories about the chaos and corruption continue to mount, New Mexicans are asking the New Mexico GOP: “What will it take for you to speak up?” 

DPNM Chair Marg Elliston released the following statement on the New Mexico GOP’s refusal to break with Trump:

“In just the past few weeks, President Trump has shown his disregard for our allies, our democracy, and our constitution, yet the Republican Party of New Mexico refuses to call out his corruption. As New Mexicans, we pride ourselves on our willingness to point out what’s right and wrong, even when it breaks from the party line. This president continues to attack our nation’s basic principles, and New Mexicans deserve to know: What will it take for the New Mexico GOP to do the right thing?” 


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