Bernalillo GOP Spreads Lies In Desperate Attempt to Distract From Republican Loses

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Bernalillo GOP Spreads Lies In Desperate Attempt to Distract From Republican Loses

The Republican Party of Bernalillo County yesterday posted a blatantly false claim, showing photos of Democrats celebrating on election night 2018 and claiming that they were photos from 2020. In fact, Democrats held an entirely virtual event in 2020, which was publicly broadcast on the Democratic Party of New Mexico Facebook page to almost 9,000 watchers. Despite multiple people pointing out the error, the Bernalillo County GOP continues to double down on their false accusations. 

DPNM Chair Marg Elliston released the following statement regarding the Bernalillo GOP’s false statements: 

“A record number of New Mexicans delivered a clear message this Tuesday: we’re not interested in the GOP’s divisive lies or hateful policies. Now that the GOP’s platform has been thoroughly rejected, they’re resorting to desperate attempts like this to smear elected officials with false attacks.” 


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