Conspiracy Corner: New Mexico GOP Lies About Health Care Workers

Conspiracy Corner: New Mexico GOP Lies About Health Care Workers

As Governor Lujan Grisham Renews Common Sense Public Health Order, The GOP Continues To Push COVID-19 Conspiracies That Have Prolonged The Pandemic

Yesterday, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham extended the Public Health Order that uses proven safety measures to keep New Mexicans safe. Throughout the pandemic, the New Mexico GOP has perpetuated lies that the Public Health Orders are causing the health care worker shortage, among many other delusional conspiracies. Republicans spent the last month using nurses and other health care workers as pawns in their scheme to undermine the vaccination effort, even though vaccines are New Mexico’s best chance to beat the pandemic. In truth, the vast majority of health care workers across New Mexico are vaccinated and support Governor Lujan Grisham’s protections

GOP candidates for governor have been especially vocal about the health care worker conspiracy. In a recent interview, Jay Block claimed “hundreds and hundreds of healthcare workers” were “rising up” against the vaccine mandate—when there is evidence to the contrary. Other Gov-hopeful Rebecca Dow has used social media to fear-monger and threaten her followers about the COVID-19 vaccine and health care workers. Dow was even forced to admit that she had published faulty and misleading information about the health care workers, when The New Mexico Hospital Association publicly corrected her

The bottom line is that Republicans are afraid of the truth: 90% of New Mexico health care workers are vaccinated and in some hospitals that number is even higher. The New Mexico GOP does not respect health care workers, many of whom are pleading with New Mexicans to get vaccinated, wear masks, and follow safety guidelines.  It’s clear the GOP is pushing the health care worker conspiracy to further their anti-science, out-of-touch agenda that is prolonging the pandemic.



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