Conspiracy Corner: New Mexico GOP Pushed Delusional Theory About COVID-19’s Impact on Children

Conspiracy Corner: New Mexico GOP Pushed Delusional Theory About COVID-19’s Impact on Children

As Governor Lujan Grisham Renews Common Sense Public Health Order, The GOP Continues To Push COVID-19 Conspiracies That Have Prolonged The Pandemic

This week, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham extended the Public Health Order that uses proven safety measures to keep New Mexicans safe. While Governor Lujan Grisham and Democratic elected officials are working diligently to lead New Mexico out of this COVID-19 wave, the New Mexico GOP is spreading conspiracy theories that hinder mitigation efforts and prolong the pandemic. Republican State Senator Gregg Schmedes has gone on a social media rampage, trying to convince New Mexicans that COVID-19 does not pose a risk to children—when data across the board demonstrates the Delta variant is dangerous for kids. 

Gregg Schmedes has claimed COVID-19 is “not a pediatric disease” and that the Delta variant is actually “less severe” for children. However, we are seeing almost 500,000 recent child cases of COVID-19 in the U.S.—and an exponential increase in hospitalized children, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. The unhinged GOP State Senator has also advocated against mask use for kids and undermined vaccination efforts, even as New Mexico health officials confirm that vaccinations will help keep kids out of the hospital. Senator Schmedes has also been used as an example in national news stories for spreading egregious misinformation about other aspects of COVID-19. 

Senator Schmedes and the New Mexico GOP are falling down a slippery slope of conspiracy theories and lies, undermining public health efforts that prevent children from getting COVID. New Mexicans need to work together to get vaccinated, wear masks, and keep our kids healthy and out of the hospital—and the GOP is standing in our way.


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