Democrats Hold Sandoval County GOTV Fiesta

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Democrats Hold Sandoval County GOTV Fiesta

Over 800 People Attended the Event

Democrats up-and-down the ballot today came together for a Sandoval County GOTV Fiesta, hosted by Representative Deb Haaland and Candidate for Congress Teresa Leger Fernandez. Speakers encouraged attendees to return their absentee ballots or go to the polls to vote early. They also called for volunteers to make calls, send texts, or be poll watchers and reminded people that they can still register to vote at county clerks’ offices this week. Over 800 people attended the event on Zoom or Facebook Live. 

Attendees heard from a slate of candidates including Representative Ben Ray Luján, Representative Deb Haaland, Candidate for Congress Teresa Leger Fernandez, Justice Shannon Bacon, Justice David Thomson, Judge Zach Ives, Judge Shammara Henderson, Judge Jane Yohalem, Candidate for State Senate Claudia Risner, Candidate for State Senate Katy Duhigg, Candidate for State Senate Brenda McKenna, Candidate for State House Billie Helean, Candidate for State House Gary Tripp, Candidate for State House Jessica Velasquez, Candidate for County Commission Alex Piland, Candidate for County Commission Leah Ahkee Baczkiewicz, Candidate for County Clerk Anne Brady Romero, Candidate for County Treasurer Jennie Taylor, Candidate for District Attorney Barbara Romo, DPNM Chair Marg Elliston, Former Senator Fred Harris, and Sandoval County Chair John Sweda. 

Attendees also enjoyed live performances from David and Maximiño Manzanares of the Manzanares Band. 

“It’s so important that every one of us get out and vote, and then that we get our friends and family out to vote as well,” said Representative Ben Ray Luján. “Polls are open, and we can’t take our eyes off the prize. It’s time to make calls, send texts, and do everything possible to elect Democrats who will protect our health care and lead our country forward.”

“I’m so grateful for everybody who is participating in this election, because it’s the most important election of our lifetime,” said Representative Deb Haaland. “I love Sandoval county so much, because in hard times like these you step up and do what it takes to elect Democrats up-and-down the ballot. Now it’s time to show that incredible spirit and make sure that all our friends and family get out and vote!”

“New Mexico is so strong because we value and honor all of our traditions and cultures,” said Candidate for Congress Teresa Leger Fernandez. “Sandoval to me represents all of that. You are the essence of what America can be. And that’s why you are going to flip those legislative seats this year and vote blue up-and-down the ballot, because now more than ever we need Democrats at every level of government.”

“We’ve got nine day left, and I know I’m talking to my friends, family and neighbors about getting to the polls,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “This year we have the opportunity to create a New Mexico for All, and we need each of you to cast your vote, talk to a friend, and sign up to volunteer. When Democrats vote, we all win, so go, fight, win!”

“This upcoming election is a clash of values,” said Sandoval County Chair John Sweda. “We have a great opportunity this year to have Sandoval county values represented by our elected officials up-and-down the ballot. Together we can elect Democrats who will fight for those values at every level of government.”


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