Democrats Make Progress on Promises to Protect Women’s Right to Choose

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Democrats Make Progress on Promises to Protect Women’s Right to Choose

Bill to Repeal Antiquated 1969 Abortion Law Passes Committee

Democrats in the Roundhouse are making good on their promises to protect women’s reproductive rights, introducing complimentary bills that would repeal a 1969 law that severely restricts access to abortion. The law was invalidated by Roe v Wade, but could come back into force immediately if the decision is overturned.

Democrats made it clear during the 2020 election cycle that repealing the outdated 1969 law would be one of the many things they would accomplish as the majority party in the Roundhouse.

The bills to repeal this law are sponsored by State Sen. Linda Lopez and State Rep. Micaela Lara Cadena, and passed out of committee in the Senate on Monday.

“Just a week into the legislative session, Democrats are making good on their promises to protect New Mexican women’s right to choose by advancing this important bill,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “We’re excited to see such immediate momentum toward repealing an outdated and dangerous law that strips women of the ability to control their own bodies and medical decisions. Democrats are moving quickly to make a difference, and we know this legislative session will yield significant advances for all New Mexicans.”


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