DPNM and DPBC Joint Statement on Trump Administration Plans to Deploy Additional Federal Forces to Albuquerque

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DPNM and DPBC Joint Statement on Trump Administration Plans to Deploy Additional Federal Forces to Albuquerque

The Trump administration and Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales announced today that thirty-five additional federal officers would be sent to Albuquerque as part of Operation Legend. 

The news of this policy comes in the wake of reports of Homeland Security officers in Portland, Oregon attacking peaceful protesters, detaining members of the media, and repeatedly violating civil rights. Democrats have condemned these actions, and introduced a bill that would prevent the president from arbitrarily using federal forces against American citizens. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has also taken action, announcing a civil rights monitoring program to prevent abuses in New Mexico. 

DPNM Chair Marg Elliston and DPBC Chair Flora Lucero released the following statement regarding the Trump administration’s plans to deploy additional federal forces to Albuquerque: 

“The deployment of federal forces to Albuquerque is an unnecessary and dangerous step that is out of line with the needs and interests of our communities. 

“Recently, we’ve seen how the Trump administration is willing to use federal officers to brutalize and intimidate peaceful protesters in Portland, Oregon. This kind of violence and suppression has no place in our nation, and we’re proud to see Democrats standing against blatant violations of our rights and freedoms. 

“Right now, America needs a leader who will bring our communities together and work toward tangible solutions. Instead of rising to that challenge, President Trump is trying to win political points with a show of force that will only further inflame tensions in New Mexico. 

“The Democratic Party of New Mexico will continue to stand against any attempts to silence peaceful protesters or violate the civil rights of New Mexicans.” 


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