DPNM Holds Pre-Primary Training for Congressional, Statewide Candidates

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DPNM Holds Pre-Primary Training for Congressional, Statewide Candidates

SANTA FE – The Democratic Party of New Mexico today welcomed Congressional and Statewide Candidates to a training focused on ward, county, and state-level pre-primary conventions that will help determine which candidates are on the ballot for New Mexico’s June 2 primary. The training covered topics such as how delegates are selected and candidates’ roles with regard to the conventions. The day was focused on ensuring that candidates understand the convention process and have access to resources to help them run the most successful campaign. 

“We want to make sure our candidates are prepared and informed so that they can put their best foot forward during the primary process,” said DPNM Party Affairs Director Hayden Cuffman. “DPNM was thrilled to create an opportunity for all Democratic candidates to learn about pre-primary conventions. We look forward to a productive primary, and we know that Democrats are excited to rally behind our nominee when this process is over.” 

“DPNM is working hard to make sure that Democrats up-and-down the ballot have the tools they need to run a successful campaign,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “By educating our candidates about this process, we’re empowering them to continue reaching out to Democrats in every corner of New Mexico. Together, we’re building a people-powered movement that will inspire generations of Democrats to come.” 


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