DPNM Launches Voter Protection and Education Initiative

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DPNM Launches Voter Protection and Education Initiative

Initiative Aimed at Expanding Access to the Ballot Includes Election Hotline at 1-833-NM4-DEMS and Online Portal

The Democratic Party of New Mexico today launched a voter protection and education initiative aimed at helping as many New Mexicans as possible safely cast their ballots this fall. The initiative is a multi-department effort led by a three-person voter protection team made up of DPNM Voter Protection Organizer Samantha Kao, DPNM Native Outreach Organizer Kianna Holian, and DPNM Party Affairs Director Hayden Cuffman.

This initiative includes a variety of resources aimed at answering voter questions and addressing voting challenges. DPNM has established an election hotline at 1-833-NM4-DEMS which will be available in English and Spanish from 9am to 5pm every day. Hotline staff and volunteers will be prepared to answer questions about a variety of topics including voter registration, absentee voting, early voting, locating a polling place, and COVID-19 restrictions at polling places. They will also assist voters who have applied for but not received an absentee ballot, need information about drop off boxes, have witnessed instances of voter intimidation, or want to volunteer to help expand access to the ballot.

DPNM will also be launching a Voter Education Online Hub, which will provide voters with resources related to voter registration, ways to vote, and voter protection volunteer opportunities. The online hub will allow voters to access a range of information in both English and Spanish. Voters will be able to learn how to register to vote online or through mail, how to make a plan to vote, and how to volunteer as part of the voter protection and education initiative.

This initiative comes ahead of one of the most significant elections of our lifetime, which has been further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. DPNM aims to assist the thousands of  New Mexicans who are expected to vote from home for the first time this fall. The voter protection and education initiative is also a response to the Trump administration’s attempts to suppress turnout by reducing the capacity of the US Postal Service and expressing unfounded doubts about ballots cast by mail. 

All voter protection and education materials will be open to members of any party. 

“Democrats have always been committed to expanding access to the ballot,” said DPNM Executive Director Chelsey Evans. “We’ve seen so much enthusiasm from voters this year, and we want to make sure that as many people as possible can make their voices heard. We’re proud to be making a proactive attempt to combat misinformation and confusion surrounding voting this year, as thousands of New Mexicans are expected to vote absentee for the first time.”


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