DPNM Wraps Up Successful County Pre-Primary Conventions

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DPNM Wraps Up Successful County Pre-Primary Conventions

The 2020 Democratic county, ward, and precinct pre-primary conventions came to an end this week with Union County’s successful convention in Clayton. Over the last 5 weeks, Democratic Party of New Mexico staff and officers travelled to nearly ever pre-primary convention to assist with the convention process, support our candidates, and hear directly from voters. 

County pre-primary conventions are a chance for Democrats in each county to come together and hear from candidates, as they vote for delegates who will attend the state pre-primary convention on March 7 at Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino. This year conventions were marked by unprecedented enthusiasm and turnout, with thousands of Democrats coming together across New Mexico to cast their ballots. 

Collectively, DPNM staff and officers attended 29 county pre-primary conventions, where we assisted county chairs with registration and voting to ensure that delegates were elected fairly and every candidate had the chance to put their best foot forward. This year county chairs in larger counties held multiple, mandatory trainings with Ward Chairs on Appendix A voting, and that preparation paid off. Delegates in all 33 counties were recorded accurately and reported on time to the state party. 

“County pre-primary conventions were a phenomenal success this year,” said DPNM Executive Director Chelsey Evans. “Throughout 2019, DPNM focused on building democratic infrastructure all across New Mexico, and we can see the result of that investment in how smoothly this process ran in all 33 counties. As we move further into this election year, we’re looking forward to how we can continue to use that groundwork to engage Democrats in every corner of New Mexico.” 

“I was blown away by the enthusiasm we saw at county pre-primary conventions this year,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “Democrats all over New Mexico are turning out in droves to hear from candidates and share their excitement for the upcoming election. I was honored to be able to attend so many wonderful conventions, and meet face-to-face with some of the Democrats who are powering this movement. The last few weeks made it clearer than ever that Democrats in New Mexico are starting strong in 2020.” 


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