Early DPNM Digital Advertising Campaign Results Show Significant Success

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Early DPNM Digital Advertising Campaign Results Show Significant Success

Digital ads encouraging absentee voting have already garnered 282,700 impressions, 2,584 clicks

The Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) today revealed results from the first two weeks of a $40,000 digital advertising campaign launched alongside Deb for Congress. Ads have been running since April 27 on Facebook and local websites, targeting over 118,000 New Mexicans who are likely to vote in a Democratic primary or recently registered to vote. 

Current advertisements are encouraging voters to update their voter registration and request an absentee ballot online. On May 8, the campaign moved into its second phase, launching ads focused on returning absentee ballot applications that were mailed out to voters. All of this is part of DPNM’s focus on promoting absentee voting as the safest way for New Mexicans to make their voices heard this June. 

The results of DPNM and Deb for Congress’ ad buy have been unprecedented with over 280,000 total impressions and 2,584 total clicks so far. The current click-through rate, which shows the rate at which viewers are responding to the ads between two and three times the industry average. Of DPNM and Deb for Congress’ targeted audience 38% have already requested their absentee ballots. 

These astronomical numbers show that Democrats are successfully targeting the appropriate populations and New Mexicans are responding enthusiastically to the call to vote absentee in 2020. It also serves as a template for future digital advertising campaigns that could be used to register voters or turn out Democrats in New Mexico. 

“We’re thrilled to see such a strong response from Democrats across New Mexico, who understand how important it is to vote from home this year,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “Absentee voting is the only way to stay safe, while making our voices heard, and we’re doing everything possible to make sure that our communities are healthy and have access to the ballot. We look forward to using this campaign as a template for future success, as we continue to fight to keep New Mexico blue.” 


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