FACT CHECK: Gary Wants To Cut Military Bases By 20 Percent

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FACT CHECK: Gary Wants To Cut Military Bases By 20 Percent

While he was running for President, Johnson routinely and vocally called for a twenty percent cut to military spending and bases without blinking at what the consequences would have been for New Mexico. Now that he’s running for Senate, Johnson is pretending to be a supporter of New Mexico’s military bases and lab funding. New Mexicans know Gary – he can’t run from his record.


  • Johnson Called For 20 Percent Defense Spending Cuts And A 20 Percent Reduction In Military Bases In The United States. “Military spending would also see cuts under a Johnson administration. He said that would not necessarily compromise the national defense, citing Pentagon assessments that bases could be closed with little impact on military effectiveness. He suggested a 20 percent reduction in military spending, and the same decrease in bases at home and overseas.” [CNBC, 8/11/16]
  • Johnson Called For Military Base Closures In The United States And Said The Reason Too Many Were Still Maintained Was “Purely Due To Politics, Not Need.” “Senator John McCain, R-Arizona, is offering an amendment to revive a process to review and potentially close unneeded and costly military bases. Virtually everyone who looks closely at our military spending ends up agreeing that we have dozens, if not hundreds, of installations scattered around the world that we simply do not need. Many are vestiges of the WWII and the Cold War that have no relevance to today’s realities. They are, simply put, just massive transfers of wealth from us to the nations who host those bases. And here on U.S. soil, too many are still maintained and funded purely due to politics, not need. Will Congress have the political courage to even think about closing some of those bases and saving billions of dollars?” [Gary Johnson, The Jack News, 9/12/17]

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