FALSE AD SCANDAL REACHES NEW HEIGHTS: National News Points Out Mark Ronchetti’s Lies

FALSE AD SCANDAL REACHES NEW HEIGHTS: National News Points Out Mark Ronchetti’s Lies

CNN Fact Checker Calls Mark Ronchetti’s Latest Crime Ad “Deceptive


This morning, CNN’s fact checker called out TV weatherman and GOP Nominee for Governor Mark Ronchetti’s latest crime ad as “deceptive.” 


The segment also featured misleading crime ads from MAGA leaders Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and U.S. Senate candidate JD Vance of Ohio. All three Republicans are being flamed for false attacks against their Democratic opponents. 


CNN’s fact check comes after multiple New Mexico news outlets exposed Mark Ronchetti for his misleading ad. New Mexican Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians alike have called out Ronchetti for his blatantly false campaign commercial; they disagree with his choice to mischaracterize a possible 2012 invasion of his home as the fault of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, even though former Republican Gov. Susana Martinez was in office at the time. 


“Mark Ronchetti has now been exposed for his blatantly false ad by national news, New Mexico news, and even members of his own party. Why hasn’t he taken down the misleading commercial?” said Daniel Garcia, Communications Director at the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “By keeping the ad up, Mark Ronchetti is confirming to New Mexicans that he’s okay with lying to them and deceiving them—revealing once and for all that he doesn’t have the integrity to govern.” 


Read more about Ronchetti’s lies below: 


Fact check: How three new Republican attack ads deceive on policing and crime


By Daniel Dale


Republican midterm candidates around the country are running attack ads criticizing their Democratic opponents over crime and policing. But some of their September ads have been deceptive.


An ad from Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott deceptively sliced and diced a quote on police funding from Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke.


An ad from Ohio Republican J.D. Vance baselessly insinuated that his Democratic opponent for the US Senate, Rep. Tim Ryan, supports defunding the police.


And an ad from Mark Ronchetti, the Republican candidate for governor of New Mexico, discussed a frightening break-in at his home before attacking his Democratic opponent Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham over crime – without mentioning that the incident occurred 10 years ago under a Republican governor.


Here is a breakdown of the three ads.



New Mexico: Mark Ronchetti ad attacks Democratic governor while citing incident that happened under Republican governor


Last week, Mark Ronchetti, the Republican candidate for governor of New Mexico, released a dramatic ad attacking incumbent Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham over criminal justice.


The ad featured Ronchetti and his wife, Krysty, telling a frightening story about Krysty and their daughters hiding in a closet, Krysty with a gun, because someone had broken into their home in what the ad calls a home invasion. Krysty said she was relieved to see the police arrive.


Ronchetti said: “Not every situation ends this way. Everybody seems to have a crime story. This is one of the biggest reasons I got into politics. Because we can’t keep doing this. Governor Lujan Grisham has made it easier to be a criminal than a cop.” He continued by criticizing Lujan Grisham over specific criminal justice policies.


Facts First: The Ronchetti ad left out critical context. The incident discussed by Ronchetti and his wife occurred in 2012 – during the tenure of Republican governor Susana Martinez, not the Lujan Grisham administration.


Local news outlets including KOAT Action 7 News, KRQE News 13 and the Santa Fe New Mexican reported last week that the incident happened a decade ago. Delaney Corcoran, spokesperson for the Lujan Grisham campaign, said in an email to CNN that the ad “completely distorts the truth,” both in its use of the 2012 incident and in its accusations about Lujan Grisham’s record on crime.


Ronchetti campaign spokesperson Ryan Sabel argued in an email that “there is nothing to fact-check here,” saying that Ronchetti was simply “sharing his family’s personal story with crime, which is a reality that most New Mexicans can unfortunately relate to,” and that Lujan Grisham “has been part of the problem for a long time.” Sabel claimed that the same month as the incident, when Lujan Grisham was serving on the county commission for the Albuquerque area, she voted against a request from the county sheriff to hire more deputies.


But as Sabel then acknowledged after CNN pointed it out, the article he provided about the commission vote actually showed that Lujan Grisham voted to hire five additional deputies that month, just not the 20 the sheriff had asked for. Corcoran of Lujan Grisham’s campaign also noted that she voted to defer, not reject, the request for the other 15 deputies, and that these other 15 ended up being approved later the same year (after Lujan Grisham had left the county commission to run for Congress). Also, the incident at the Ronchetti home happened in the jurisdiction of Albuquerque’s city police department, not the county sheriff’s department.


Regardless, what happened on the county commission is a sideshow here. The ad could have easily specified that the incident at the Ronchetti home occurred 10 years ago. At very least, the omission of the date, in an ad attacking Lujan Grisham’s policies as governor, invited viewers to come to the inaccurate conclusion that it was an incident that occurred during the Lujan Grisham governorship.





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