Federal Law Enforcement Currently Investigating False Electors’ Attempts to Certify Election for Trump

GOP Attempts to Undermine 2020 Election Came at “Insistence” of GOP Chair Pearce

GOP Attempts to Undermine 2020 Election Came at “Insistence” of GOP Chair Pearce

In a bombshell revelation, New Mexico GOP official Jewll Powdrell admitted this week that New Mexico GOP Chair Steve Pearce was directly responsible for Republicans’ efforts to undermine the results of the 2020 Election.  In an interview with the Albuquerque Journal Powdrell revealed that he and four others signed a document to deliver New Mexico’s electoral votes to Trump “at the insistence of the chairman of the Republican Party, who is Congressman Steve Pearce.”

In New Mexico, it is a fourth-degree felony for designated electors to cast their ballot for anyone other than the presidential candidate who won the state. The New Mexico Attorney General’s office and federal law enforcement are currently investigating the matter, while similar cases are taking place in six other states across the nation. 

The GOP has repeatedly refused to acknowledge the results of the 2020 presidential race and participated in the spread of disinformation designed to discredit a free and fair election. Despite Steve Pearce’s complicity in these efforts, Republican candidates including Mark Ronchetti, Rebecca Dow, and Jay Block have refused to condemn the GOP Chair. 

“It’s more clear than ever that New Mexico GOP leadership has taken an active role in undermining our democracy by refusing to accept the results of a free and fair election,” said DPNM Chair Jessica Velasquez. “Chair Pearce’s direct involvement in the attempt to certify false election results should disqualify him completely from holding political office. I call on him to step down and cooperate fully with law enforcement officers as they investigate this matter.” 


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