GOP Candidates Won’t Admit Where They Stand on Ivermectin

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GOP Candidates Won’t Admit Where They Stand on Ivermectin

New Mexicans Have a Right to Know Candidates’ Opinions on Dangerous Disavowed COVID-19 “Treatment”  

This week, we are seeing the dangers of Ivermectin—the antiparasitic drug for horses—being pushed as a magical cure for COVID-19 right here in New Mexico. On Wednesday, the New Mexico Department of Health announced that one New Mexican died from a possible Ivermectin overdose, and another is in the ICU. Despite the threat to public health, Representative Yvette Herrell is still advocating for the horse dewormer as a viable treatment. Now, New Mexicans deserve to know where the GOP candidates seeking a promotion to the governor’s office stand on the dangerous horse drug Ivermectin. 

Many anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists latched onto Ivermectin as a wonder drug solution, despite little-to-no data backing it up. The FDA and the Acting Health Secretary of New Mexico have explicitly stated that no one should be taking Ivermectin to treat COVID-19. 

So far, none of the Republican candidates for governor have weighed in on Ivermectin. The GOP candidates who continue to stay silent on Ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment share the responsibility for the New Mexicans who are poisoning themselves, ending up sick and in the hospital. 

All of the GOP candidates for governor, including Jay Block, Rebecca Dow, and Karen Bedonie have already spread misinformation about COVID-19, masks, and vaccines. Additionally, none of the GOP candidates for governor have publicly supported vaccination efforts. Now, these GOP candidates have a responsibility to let voters know where they stand on this dangerous horse drug. Will they stand with science and public health? Or with conspiracy theorists, pseudo science, and misinformation? 


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