GOP is Using Heroic Nurses as Political Pawns for their Dangerous, Divisive Agenda

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GOP is Using Heroic Nurses as Political Pawns for their Dangerous, Divisive Agenda

The Majority of New Mexico’s Health Care Workers Are Vaccinated and Support the Governor’s Mandate

The GOP continues to spread misinformation to prop up their conspiracy-driven opposition to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s common sense COVID-19 precautions. This week, New Mexico Republicans have stooped to a new low—using overworked nurses as political pawns for their dangerous and divisive agenda. 

New Mexico’s nurses have been serving on the front line of this pandemic, working long hours and making significant personal sacrifices to make sure our family members and communities are safe. Now, the GOP is taking advantage of their exhaustion and burnout to further their own dangerous political goals. 

Yesterday, GOP “leaders,” including Minority Leader Jim Townsend and gubernatorial candidate State Representative Rebecca Dow, held a press conference where they attempted to speak for health care professionals. As they spew anti-science and extremist talking points about COVID-19 vaccines, let’s remember the facts: nearly all of New Mexico’s doctors and nurses are already vaccinated and a large majority of health care workers support the Governor’s mandate. Read more about the GOP’s misleading claims and what the real story is here

“New Mexico’s nurses and health care workers have already sacrificed so much to keep our families and communities safe,” said DPNM Chair Jessica Velasquez. “The GOP is manipulating our health care workers to further their anti-science agenda. The majority of New Mexicans know that common sense, CDC-supported precautions like wearing masks and getting vaccinated are the best ways to combat the spread of COVID-19, and the GOP’s attempts to convince people otherwise are dangerous and reprehensible.”


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