Herrell Doubles Down on Unproven Horse Dewormer Theories

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Herrell Doubles Down on Unproven Horse Dewormer Theories

Congresswoman Took to Twitter to Defend Her Support of Dangerous Drug Ivermectin

After being called out by KOB and the Paper for her unfounded support of Ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment, Representative Yvette Herrell took to Twitter to defend herself. 

In her tweets, Herrell attacked the outlets covering her support for Ivermectin and tried to justify  her beliefs with a study that has been widely criticized as unreliable. Herrell also doubled down on Ivermectin’s uses, claiming we should “encourage research/tests with Ivermectin” and “Ivermectin [is] useful under [the] right conditions.”







Herrell has repeatedly promoted Ivermectin as a possible COVID-19 treatment, despite the FDA issuing a clear warning to Americans not to take the drug. New Mexico has already seen Ivermectin poisoning cases double from last year due to dangerous misinformation about the drug.

“Representative Herrell’s continued support of Ivermectin, against the recommendations of scientists and doctors, is just plain dangerous,” said DPNM Chair Jessica Velasquez. “Spreading misinformation during a public health emergency can be deadly, and our elected officials have a responsibility to use their platforms to promote vaccination and other safe ways of preventing COVID-19. Instead of protecting New Mexicans, Herrell is playing politics with people’s lives.”


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