Herrell Holds On To Cash From Accused Child Sex Trafficker

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Herrell Holds On To Cash From Accused Child Sex Trafficker

DPNM Calls On Herrell To Return Donations From Lazzaro In Light Of Recent Arrest

GOP strategist and Yvette 4 Congress donor Anton Lazzaro was arrested this week on charges of underage sex trafficking. In October 2019, Yvette Herrell accepted $2,800 from Big Tent Republicans, a PAC controlled and run by Lazzaro. Lazzaro himself also donated $250 to Herrell’s failed campaign in 2018.

Herrell has previously refused to denounce supporters when they pose a threat to public safety. Most notably, she continues to accept the endorsement of Cowboys for Trump leader Couy Griffin, who was arrested earlier this year for his role in the January 6th insurrection. 

“Representative Herrell must put public safety ahead of politics and immediately return the donation she received from Lazzaro,” said DPNM Chair Jessica Velasquez. “Her continued silence on the threat that these supporters pose to our communities sends a clear message: Yvette first, New Mexico second.”  


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