ICYMI: Doña Ana Judge Shuts Down GOP Publicity Stunt

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ICYMI: Doña Ana Judge Shuts Down GOP Publicity Stunt

A judge yesterday threw out the Republican Party of New Mexico’s hastily-filed lawsuit attempting to halt the counting of absentee votes in Doña Ana County. Judge James T. Martin dinged the GOP for failing to comply with court rules and waiting until “the last hour of the last day” to file, despite having nearly a week to take action. 

Over the last few days the GOP has put more effort into hyping their lawsuit in the press than taking proper legal action, so it’s no surprise that a judge quickly shot this publicity stunt down. 

Though the GOP repeatedly told reporters that they had filed a lawsuit on Friday, neither the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office nor the Doña Ana County Clerk’s office was served until Monday afternoon, well after GOP Chairman Steve Pearce held a press conference to tout the lawsuit. 

When the paperwork did materialize, the complaint was quickly rejected for a variety of reasons, including the GOP’s failure to comply with court rules, failure to show harm, and unreasonably delayed timeline. Judge Martin’s decision also made it clear that, contrary to RPNM claims, absentee ballots in Doña Ana County are being counted properly. 


DPNM Chair Marg Elliston released the following statement regarding the RPNM’s frivolous lawsuit:

“This lawsuit was never about the voters of Doña Ana County. The GOP manufactured this publicity stunt to discredit elected officials who are working hard to ensure that we have a successful and fair municipal election. Their sloppy work shows that this was nothing more than a baseless attempt to sow doubt in our elections.” 


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