ICYMI: Herrell Doubles Down on Opposition to Peaceful Transition of Power

ICYMI: Herrell Doubles Down on Opposition to Peaceful Transition of Power

Rep. Herrell Cast Vote to Contest Voters’ Decision in Arizona, Pennsylvania

After an unprecedented day in American history in which violent protesters entered the U.S. Capitol and derailed Congressional proceedings, Representative Yvette Herrell unabashedly followed through on her threat to object to the certification by first voting to object to the Arizona election results. This, despite the fact that a number of her Republican colleagues who planned to object to the certification reversed course. 

Later in the evening, Herrell doubled down, voting against the certification of Pennsylvania’s votes. This second vote in the decertification effort was also defeated by a bipartisan majority including 64 Republican Members of Congress voting to certify the results. 

“Yesterday evening, Representative Yvette Herrell made it clear exactly where she stands when our democracy is threatened. After a violent mob stormed and defaced the United States Capitol, spewing election misinformation, conspiracy theories, and divisive rhetoric, Herrell voted not once, but twice, to object to the certification of this election. When our country needed its elected officials to honor election results and unite behind a peaceful transition of power, she chose to oppose it. And under the cover of darkness, when she thought no one was watching, she even had the gall to make her first floor speech a defense of her opposition to a peaceful transition,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “Herrell will forever be complicit for yesterday’s violence and horror. Her cowardice will not be forgotten.”


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