ICYMI: New Mexico GOP Prioritizes Politics Over Lives

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ICYMI: New Mexico GOP Prioritizes Politics Over Lives

NM GOP retracts statement condemning shooting at a yesterday’s protest

The New Mexico GOP blatantly put their own political considerations ahead of New Mexican lives yesterday, when they initially released a statement condemning a shooting at a protest, but chose to retract it within the hour. 

The shooter, Steven Baca, ran for Albuquerque City Council against incumbent Democrat Ike Benton. As details of the shooting emerged, the GOP seemed to decide that his political leanings were more significant than the severely injured victim. 

The GOP’s initial statement correctly condemned the violence, saying “this kind of violence cannot be tolerated” and “we must adhere to law and order.” Just an hour later, the GOP retracted the statement and has remained silent on the issue since. 

DPNM Chair Marg Elliston released the following statement regarding the GOP’s cowardly retraction of their statement: 

“This is not the time to play politics. Violence like that committed by Steven Baca has no place at these protests, and must be condemned across the political spectrum. The GOP made a clear choice to prioritize political considerations over the health and safety of our community, and they should be ashamed. Chairman Pearce must immediately issue a statement condemning this shooting and apologizing to the victim and his family.” 


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