Important Numbers to Remember This August

Important Numbers to Remember This August


This Republican Congress is broken − too focused on obstruction and scoring points against President Obama. But what does that mean for you? No jobs agenda. No Medicare guarantee. No restraints on insurance companies. Special treatment for special interests. Here are some important numbers to remember this August as we hold Republicans accountable for their obstructionist agenda.

  • 40 − The number of times Republicans have voted to repeal healthcare.
  • 0 − That’s ZERO − The number of jobs bills that have become law.
  • 17 − The number of seats needed for Democrats to take back the House.
  • 37 − The number of days Congressmen will be home in their districts. 37 days to hold Republican Congressmen, including Steve Pearce, accountable for their actions−and lack of action on jobs−since the 2012 election.

The message is simple. Stop obstructing, and start making progress on the things New Mexicans care about, jobs, protecting Medicare and health care for all of us, equal pay for equal work, and immigration reform.
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