Mark Ronchetti Admits It Himself: He Will Not Protect New Mexicans

Mark Ronchetti Admits It Himself: He Will Not Protect New Mexicans

Republican Nominee for Governor Mark Ronchetti declared to New Mexicans that “If I’m the one who’s there, and I’m the only guy there to protect you, you’ve got a problem.” During the same interview, he went on to say that protecting New Mexicans isn’t one of the governor’s jobs. Ronchetti has said it loud and clear — as governor, he wouldn’t protect New Mexicans from wildfires, violent crime, or a global pandemic. 

Mark Ronchetti’s dangerous interpretation of the governor’s responsibilities, paired with his complete lack of experience, makes it abundantly clear that he is not fit to lead New Mexico. New Mexicans know that in the face of a crisis, they need a leader they can rely on — not one who will turn their back on our state and abdicate his responsibilities as governor. 

Ronchetti has never been an executive leader, or even held a managerial position. So maybe he’s trying to make the job easier by watering down the job’s responsibilities. But that’s no excuse for leaving New Mexicans in the lurch while they’re facing uncertainty. The governor of New Mexico has a responsibility to ensure New Mexicans are safe and thriving — exactly like Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has done throughout her time in office. 


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