Mark Ronchetti and the New Mexico GOP are Out of Touch With New Mexicans

Mark Ronchetti and the New Mexico GOP are Out of Touch With New Mexicans

Today is primary election day in New Mexico. As folks head out to the polls, it’s more important than ever to consider how extreme the New Mexico Republican Party and their top candidates have become. From Mark Ronchetti, to Rebecca Dow, to Jay Block, to Ethel Maharg, to Greg Zanetti, the GOP gubernatorial primary includes some of the most extreme, far-right policy positions we’ve seen in New Mexico politics. 

On Reproductive Rights: Mark Ronchetti and the rest of the GOP candidates are extremely anti-abortion. Ronchetti has promised to end some reproductive health care procedures, and even celebrated the leaked Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v.Wade—something that national GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell didn’t even do. 

On Responsible Firearms: Mark Ronchetti and the rest of the GOP candidates oppose commonsense gun reform. Ronchetti received the highest rating possible from the NRA and does not support widely-supported efforts to outlaw certain guns, like assault rifles or semi-automatic weapons. 

On Climate Change and Wildfires: Mark Ronchetti is an extremist climate denier. In a KOB interview and then KOAT’s primary debate, Ronchetti repeatedly refused to answer whether he believed in climate change. He has also claimed climate change does not cause forest fires, an especially egregious affront to the New Mexicans currently impacted by the largest wildfires in state history. 

On Schools: Mark Ronchetti has a far-right take on schools. Ronchetti wants to impose a private school voucher system in New Mexico, taking critical state dollars away from rural public schools and funneling those funds into private schools that don’t have oversight – and that aren’t available to every student.

On Early Childhood Education: Mark Ronchetti opposes helping New Mexico’s youngest students go to school at no cost to their families. Ronchetti called the state’s accessible pre-K program that allows 4 year olds across the state to attend pre-K for free “a march toward socialism.” 

On LGBTQ New Mexicans: Mark Ronchetti and the GOP are all championing the New Mexico GOP’s discriminatory platform. The New Mexico GOP wants to define marriage as between one man and one woman, as specified by their party platform, and none of the GOP candidates for governor have indicated they believe otherwise.

Mark Ronchetti and the rest of the GOP candidates for governor have far-right views that do not represent the majority of New Mexicans. Ronchetti and the rest are a threat to all of the progress that the New Mexico’s Democratic leaders have achieved over the past few years. We are five months away from the general election this November, and the fight to protect our state from policies that hurt families starts now. 


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