Mark Ronchetti Dodges Questions, Reveals Incompetence

Mark Ronchetti Dodges Questions, Reveals Incompetence

“The People Who Were Watching Closely Are Going to Know There Wasn’t An Answer In There”

This week, KOB is airing sitdown interviews with the Republican candidates for governor—though it would be inaccurate to refer to last night’s segment as an interview, since candidate Mark Ronchetti refused to answer a single question on issues that New Mexicans care about most. Ronchetti has a history of lying to voters, flip-flopping on critical policy positions, and straight up not telling New Mexicans where he stands. So it’s no surprise that Ronchetti’s conversation with KOB revealed exactly zero about what he would do as governor: 

  • When asked, “How do you convince voters that you’re ready for executive leadership?” Ronchetti couldn’t answer the question because he doesn’t have anything to point to for professional or personal leadership experience. He knows that he’s dramatically unprepared and unqualified to run the state. 
  • When asked, “Is climate change human caused?” Ronchetti dodged a straightforward question because he’s flip-flopped so many times. KOB’s reporter even pointed out that “the people who were watching closely are going to know there wasn’t an answer” in Ronchetti’s response.  
  • When asked, “Would you support a law or constitutional amendment outlawing abortion?” Ronchetti confirmed that he is radically anti-abortion but he refused to give a concrete policy answer on whether or not he would implement policies that punish women. After celebrating the Supreme Court draft decision to overturn Roe, why wouldn’t Ronchetti answer the question? He’s never demonstrated a basic understanding of policy or legislative procedure—so maybe the question went over his head. 

Ronchetti is a former TV weatherman and his lack of experience is evident. Ronchetti once again doesn’t respect New Mexicans enough to give an honest answer. Blundering his way through the basics, the weatherman continues to prove just how wrong he would be for New Mexico. 


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