Mark WRONGchetti is WRONG on Climate

Mark WRONGchetti is WRONG on Climate

GOP Nominee Refuses to Admit to the Reality of Climate Change 

As record-breaking droughts slam the Southwest, GOP nominee Mark WRONGchetti won’t admit that climate change is real. In two recent TV interviews, first on KOB and then on KOAT, WRONGchetti dodged the climate question. After 20 years as a TV weatherman, it’s even more disturbing that WRONGchetti won’t accept the science. Mark WRONGchetti’s climate change denialism is WRONG for New Mexico. 

New Mexicans know that addressing climate change is the only way to safeguard our precious land, air, water, and natural resources. With Mark WRONGchetti in office, New Mexico’s environment would be at risk. Instead of admitting to climate change, Mark WRONGchetti denies the facts and misleads New Mexicans. Mark WRONGchetti has no plan to address the rising temperatures, extreme weather, and natural disasters that New Mexicans are facing as the climate continues to warm. 

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