Mark WRONGchetti is WRONG on Public Safety

Mark WRONGchetti is WRONG on Public Safety

GOP Nominee Refuses to Protect New Mexicans

Mark WRONGchetti has said it himself — as governor, he wouldn’t protect New Mexicans during a crisis. GOP nominee for governor Mark WRONGchetti has declared to New Mexicans that “If I’m the one who’s there, and I’m the only guy there to protect you, you’ve got a problem.” During the same interview, WRONGchetti went on to say that protecting New Mexicans isn’t one of the governor’s jobs. 

It’s obvious that WRONGchetti isn’t ready to lead on public safety. Mark WRONGchetti does not have any executive or leadership experience and is not qualified to be governor. The Republican nominee has already shown New Mexicans that he won’t take the governor’s responsibilities seriously. New Mexicans deserve a governor that will keep them safe and set an example on public safety, not a weatherman who won’t protect our state. 

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