Mark WRONGchetti is WRONG on Schools

Mark WRONGchetti is WRONG on Schools

GOP Nominee Would Destroy Public Schools In New Mexico

It’s summer break, but the conversation about improving public schools in New Mexico can’t spare the time off — because the Republican candidate for governor, Mark WRONGchetti, plans to abandon public education. Mark WRONGchetti wants to destroy the public school system in New Mexico by taking critical state dollars away from rural public schools to give it to wealthy people to help send their kids to private schools

Mark WRONGchetti’s plan would take away the dollars that help educate New Mexico’s most vulnerable students. WRONGchetti opposes increasing investments to help at-risk students, raising teacher pay, or funding pre-k for all New Mexico families who want it. By defunding public education, WRONGchetti will be abandoning New Mexico’s students, families, and educators. WRONGchetti is WRONG for New Mexico because he would destroy our schools.

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