Moores Chooses Fear Mongering Over Facts in New Ad

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Moores Chooses Fear Mongering Over Facts in New Ad

Senator Mark Moores released a new ad this week in the race for Congress in New Mexico’s first Congressional District, that tries to scare voters with blatant lies about Representative Melanie Stansbury’s record. The ad falsely claims that Stansbury would defund the police.  In fact, Stansbury has voted FOR multiple bills that provide critical support for both law enforcement and community development. 

Here are the facts:

During her time in the legislature, Representative Stansbury sponsored bipartisan legislation that would protect and expand funding for law enforcement including:

  • HB 154: Law Enforcement Protection Fund Distribution, which would create a stronger channel through which law enforcement can request funding to meet their needs
  • HB 6: PTSD Presumption for First Responders, which would allow officers to use state funding for equipment, police dogs, police salaries, retention payments, and law enforcement recruitment and bonuses for training law enforcement officers engaged in community-oriented policing 

Representative Stansbury also authorized  over eleven million dollars in capital outlay spending   to update equipment, improve training, and modernize systems for first responders. Over the years these investments have included

  • $250,000 to the Bern Co. Sheriff for body armour and equipment for active shooter situations 
  • $500,000 to plan, design, purchase, equip and install improvements to crime-fighting technology, including information technology and automobile anti-theft monitoring devices 
  • $700,000 to plan, design, purchase, equip and install improvements to crime-fighting technology, including information technology and the automation of the DNA section
  • $1,000,000 to purchase and equip vehicles for the district police department in the ABQ public school district
  • $115,000 to purchase and equip camera trailers for the ABQ police department foothills area
  • $2,950,000 to plan, design, equip, purchase and install upgrade, including a laboratory information management system, DNA equipment, firearms toolmark, latent fingerprint equipment and evidence warehouse improvements (lab upgrades)
  • $1,520,000 to purchase and equip video management system information technology, including automated license plate readers (tech upgrades)
  • $2,916,000 to purchase and equip vehicles for the Bern. Co. Sheriff
  • $1,270,000 to purchase and equip color infrared cameras for the Bern Co. sheriff’s dept metro air support unit
  • $140,000 to plan, design, construct, renovate, equip and purchase improvements for the Foothills area command station for APD

“Mark Moores is trying to scare you with Republican fear mongering tactics. Voters see right through lies like this.” said DPNM Chair Jessica Velasquez. “Here in the real world, the facts are clear: Representative Stansbury has a track record of supporting law enforcement, while calling for increased training, transparency, and reform in policing. Mark Moores’ lies to us during his campaign make him unfit to serve us in Congress.”


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