Mythbusting Mark: Abortion Ban is Extreme and Would Punish Women

Mythbusting Mark: Abortion Ban is Extreme and Would Punish Women

DPNM’s Series Where We Fact Check Mark Ronchetti’s
False and Misleading Claims

Mark Ronchetti publicly claims he will ban abortion after 15 weeks in New Mexico while privately is promising people he will end all abortion in our state. Either way, Mark’s plan to ban abortions in New Mexico will only lead to women being punished and criminalized. It’s time for another round of “Mythbusting Mark.” 

Mark Ronchetti is an out of touch, former TV weatherman that doesn’t understand the issues facing New Mexico (he’s even said so himself!). He’s also a candidate with a history of trying to run away from his far-right views and lying on the record to the press and voters. In “Mythbusting Mark,” DPNM will be holding Mark Ronchetti accountable for his lies and misinformation. 


Mark Ronchetti has claimed his proposed abortion ban—a carbon copy of the Mississippi abortion ban— is “reasonable.”


DPNM rates this claim 4 Wiley Coyotes out of 4 or COMPLETELY FALSE




Any ban on abortion is extreme and hurts women. Banning abortion causes health complications, dangerous pregnancies, death, poor economic outcomes, and so much worse—none of which are reasonable.


Experts all across the country DISAGREE with Mark: 

  • Slate explains: “Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch asserted that banning abortion would “empower” Mississippi women. But in reality, it is more likely to kill them.”

  • ACLU explains: “Forcing someone to carry a pregnancy against their will has life-altering consequences, including enduring serious health risks from continued pregnancy and childbirth, making it harder to escape poverty, derailing one’s education, career, and life plans, and making it more difficult to leave an abusive partner.” 

  • Planned Parenthood explains: “Forcing a girl to carry a pregnancy to term puts her at risk for severe physical and mental health complications, and even death.”

  • PEW Research explains: “Several scientific studies in the past two years have noted that abortion bans will likely increase maternal mortality. A University of Colorado study in 2021, for example, found that a total ban on the procedure could increase pregnancy-related deaths up to 21% overall and up to 33% for Black women.” 

  • Quartz explains:  “A Duke University study estimates that maternal mortality would jump by more than 20% if abortion were denied across the US—and that doesn’t include mortality due to unsafe or attempted abortions.”


  • CNN explains: “So, you are setting up a prescription for phenomenal effects in terms of maternal mortality, infant mortality, infant low birthweight, all of the risks that follow from these kinds of [unplanned or unwanted] pregnancies.”



  • Axios explains: “This decision will cause immediate economic pain in 26 states where abortion bans are most likely and where people already face lower wages, less worker power and limited access to health care.” 

  • Forbes explains: “The International Women’s Policy Center found state economies already lose billions due to abortion restrictions—an issue that’s likely to now grow ‘exponentially.’”


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